Watch Julius Maddox Bench Press 600 Pounds For Eight Reps

Julius Maddox hits another ridiculous PR on bench press.

Powerlifter Julius Maddox is a member of the 700-pound bench press club, but he’s no stranger to hitting phenomenal lifts for reps either — take a look at his ridiculous bench press personal record of 600 pounds for eight reps.

Eight reps. Let that sink in. 

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We’ve been following Maddox’s journey for quite some time now. The first time we wrote about him, we were musing about whether or not he would reach the 700 pound bench club. This was back in 2017 when he gave us something to talk about when he crushed a raw 680-pound bench with good speed. Watch that throwback lift in all its glory below.

Since then, Maddox has appeared in several meets with his best performance coming at the Slingshot Record Breakers in November of 2018. Maddox finished in first place in the 242+ raw category benching 716.5 pounds.

Maddox has posted massive lifts for multiple reps before. Last year he bench pressed 585 pounds for two sets of seven reps, which you can check out here as well.

The guy keeps showing us time and time again that not only is he one of the strongest raw bench press athletes in the world, but also, he can hit these numbers for multiple reps.

Maddox is dialed into training constantly and regularly shares pretty impressive feats of strength and training tips for bench. Last month he showed a training session where he did seal rows, which he wrote is a key foundation to the bench press. He did five sets of these at 350 pounds for five.

“Seal rows (football bar) isolated movement that is great for building stability and a base for Benchpress!”

We’re not sure when Maddox will next compete, but we do know he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Feature image from @irregular_strength Instagram page.