Kevin Gray Squats More Than 4 Times His Bodyweight to Set New World Record

Australian powerlifter Kevin Gray had an eventful weekend at the Pacific Invitational in Sydney. This year’s Invitational was held during the Australian Fitness Show, which took place over the weekend on the 28-30th. Gray competed in the -59kg weight class where he claimed the current IPF squat world record by 12.5kg.

The previous record was held by legendary Russian powerlifter Sergey Fedosienko at 227.5kg. Gray’s second attempt originally knocked off the world record by .5kg at 228kg. It was his third attempt at 240kg (529 lbs) that truly extended the IPF world record and caught the attention of many powerlifting fans. Keep in mind, this was Gray’s first ever international competition.

Most records are beat by a kilogram, or two, but very rarely by 10kg+. To extend a world record by 12.5kg is rare, especially in something like the IPF classic (raw) division, which is competitive on a world scale. To top it off, the previous world record holder Sergey Fedosienko has virtually every -59kg IPF record, so this is a big feat for Gray.

Gray’s new squat has put him alongside the handful of powerlifters to ever complete at 4+ times bodyweight squat. On Gray’s Facebook he wrote, “My goal was to come home with a world record and that I did!! I set a new squat open world record of 240kg!! 12.5kg above the previous record!! I honestly surprised myself, not only that I have the biggest pound for pound squat in the IPF!! My biggest achievement of my life!”

Two weeks ago in Gray’s peaking cycle, he actually hit 228kg for a double (unofficial world record), which looked relatively easy from the video below.

What may be the most remarkable part of Gray’s new world record squat comes from a quote his trainer/coach Dean Mawby shared with a local newspaper. Mawby told the reporter, “He didn’t even know what his third attempt was going to be, but he just went out there and squatted it.”

Gray extended a new IPF squat world record by 12.5kg and didn’t know he did so until after the fact. It’s safe to say Gray accomplished his weekend goals. Now the question is…will Fedoseinko be able to catch this record?

Feature image @australiapowerlifting Instagram page.