Kristin Holte And Frederik Aegidius Win CrossFit Open Workout 20.2

Holte and Aegidius each get to take home $2,020 U.S. dollars for the win!

CrossFit HQ announced that Reebok CrossFit Games athletes Kristin Holte and Frederik Aegidius are the official winners of CrossFit Open Workout 20.2

With their officially confirmed victory, these two athletes each get to take home $2,020 U.S. dollars. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Holte and Aegidius won the second workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open, because both of their scores were seriously impressive.

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What was CrossFit Open Workout 20.2 Again?

20 minute AMRAP

  • 4 dumbell thrusters
  • 6 toes-to-bars
  • 24 double unders

Women: 35 lbs 

Men: 50 lbs

Holte, who finished in second place at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games, crushed Open Workout 20.2 with 1,045 reps. Aegidius, who is a four-time CrossFIt Games athlete, got 1,030 reps.

There’s more to this story, though, because both athletes actually received penalties after video review. 

Penalties: Open Workout 20.2 

Aegidius got a false start penalty, and had his score adjusted to 1,028 reps which tied him with Derek Saltou. Because Saltou did not submit a video for 20.2, Aegidius earned the victory. Holte ran into technical difficulties during her video recording, but was able to provide a backup recording and take home the 20.2 win.

Now, you may be wondering what all of this video, back-up recordings, and video submissions are all about. Well, this year, the official CrossFit Games rulebook requires all of the athletes who are placed in the top 40 worldwide leaderboard at the end of each Open Workout/week to submit a video of their workout for review. 

The story continues though, especially regarding Aegidius, who encountered major penalties from Open Workout 20.1. His penalty in 20.1, for single-foot jumps during the burpees, actually means he cannot qualify through the Open.

This is certainly wild to fathom giving he just swept the competition for 20.2!

We’re now just a day away from the announcement of Open Workout 20.4, which means we’re nearly done with the 2020 Open.

Each week we’ve seen all kinds of shake-ups in the leaderboard with big athletes earning impressive wins, and also unexpected penalties — we’re excited to see what the rest of the Open in store. 

Feature image from @holtekristin and @frederikaegidius Instagram pages.