Larry “Wheels” Williams Suffers A Torn Biceps Training Atlas Stones

Find out how Larry Wheels is handling his recent biceps injury.

It couldn’t have been worse timing for powerlifter turned strongman Larry “Wheels” Williams to suffer a biceps injury. The athlete was gearing up to compete at a prominent strongman event, the Giants Live Wembley this upcoming weekend, however he will have to sit this one out due to a biceps injury he suffered training atlas stones.

Wheels is one of the biggest names in strength sports, whether that be because of his powerlifting triumphs, bodybuilding days, or his most recent strongman career. Wheels only began strongman training this past January.

He posted on his Instagram about the injury, and even showed video footage of him training the atlas stones where he got hurt lifting the fifth stone. He also uploaded a YouTube video where he talked about how he’s handling the injury, plus even offered some tips for other strength athletes dealing with a tough knock.

In his Instagram post he wrote,

Torn bicep! Wait for it! Tendon seems to still be attached! No I will not be competing this weekend! Been years since I have gotten hurt bout time it happened! Only started strongman January this year. Injury is just part of the learning curve! Wish me well fellas!

In the YouTube video Wheels mentions how strongman training is still very new to him and that even though he has trained stones before, stone running — racing to load the stones as quickly as possible — was brand new.

In the run you’re going for time, and you’re going head to head against someone else. With inexperience I kept thinking about ‘I need to do this quickly,’ and I wasn’t thinking about my technique, and on the last stone [I] tried to rip it up.

Wheels will not be competing this weekend, and will be getting a proper check up at the doctor this week. He wrapped up with a piece of advice that can apply to just about any athlete:

“Never let your technique suffer for speed.”

Featured image from @larrywheels Instagram page.