The 2019 World Deadlift Championships Preview

Will we finally see the elusive 501 kg pull?

Now that the World’s Strongest Man has come and gone, you might think that strongman goes into an offseason. But the calendar keeps going, and the one of the next events to keep your eyes on will take place at the SSE Arena in Wembley, England.

The 2019 Giants Live event on July 6 will include the World Deadlift Championships and the question that has been dominating the conversation is the following: Will someone rewrite history and break Eddie Hall’s incredible feat of deadlifting 500 kg? Ever since Hall did the impossible the number everyone has talked about is 501 or 1,104 when converted into pounds. There is a special $50,000 prize for the man that can set the new standard if it is to be done. Here is who will accept the challenge and attempt to add to a legacy of strength.

Benedikt Magnusson

There are many in the strength community (especially from powerlifting) who consider Magnusson the true king of the deadlift. This is because he pulled 460 kg (1,014 pounds) in 2011 without straps and a suit. He only wore a belt. He has claimed recently that he can and will pull 528 kg in the future! He came close to pulling 500 kg himself in 2016 but failed halfway up the shins. That’s the closest anyone has come besides Hall himself. He is considered the favorite to do it if it is to be done.

Jerry Pritchett

Pritchett has pulled 465 kg (1,025 pounds) without much struggle in the past and has also done 467 kg (1,029 pounds) on the Elephant Bar so it wouldn’t be wise to overlook him. He has also attempted 500 kg himself in the past but wasn’t successful. The Arizona native has competed in other events this year and has dealt with injuries but has been training for this so he should make the competition interesting.

JF Caron

The Canadian strongman has also been successful in the deadlift, having won the Deadlift Championship in 2017 and also pulled 463 kg (1,021 pounds) with the Elephant Bar. 501 kg would be a long way from 463 but anyone that has broken the 1,000 pound barrier should be considered as a possibility to achieve this extraordinary feat and contend for the win here.

Vlad Alhazov

Why is this man included in this list? Because he has also moved 500 kg, just not in the deadlift. In 2018, he squatted it with only a belt and knee wraps. His story of recovering from major injuries while attempting to squat 590 kg (1,300 pounds, fully equipped) is nothing short of remarkable. That alone gets you in the field of contenders.

Other Notes

Martins Licis and Brian Shaw are both listed as athletes in this event. Reports suggest Shaw suffered a torn muscle in his arm at the World’s Strongest Man where he finished 5th. There is no official word yet but he might not compete as a result of this injury.

Licis, of course, won the World’s Strongest Man competition. A big win like that could certainly change one’s plans going forward. He hasn’t shared anything publicly yet.

This event is one of five that will be part of a World’s Strongest Man 2020 qualifier. Other men listed in the field include Larry Wheels, Iron Biby, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, Mark Felix, Laurence Shahlaei, Adam Bishop, Tom Stoltman, Luke Stoltman, Mikhail Shivlyakov, Rauno Heinla, Konstatine Janashia, and Nedzmin Ambeskovic. Ambeskovic will only be taking part in the Deadlift event.

Featured image: @giantslivewsm on Instagram