Myprotein Impact Whey Review

This whey concentrate is low in carbs and fats, and offers a wide variety of flavors and buying options.

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For many, daily protein supplementation can be a challenge, but with the right product — like Myprotein Impact Whey — it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re an avid gymgoer who needs an extra boost or someone looking to drink their protein rather than eat it, it’s an important macro to hit if you’re trying to gain muscle or have specific nutrition goals. Myprotein Impact Whey is a delicious and simple supplement that may be able to help boost your protein intake.

Myprotein Impact Whey has between 17 and 22 grams of protein per serving, and offers a diverse lineup of flavors and buying options that may assist you in reaching your protein supplementation goals. Impact Whey is a great option for those who like a large flavor portfolio, and who appreciate a whey concentrate protein that’s low in carbs and fats and contains additional BCAAs. We think Impact Whey could be a great fit for your protein needs — read on to find out why.

Main Takeaways

  • Impact Whey comes in 16 flavors that range between 17 and 22 grams of protein per serving.
  • This product comes in four buying options — 10, 40, 100, or 200 servings per container — making it easy to buy a little to try new flavors, or bulk buy your favorite.
  • Impact Whey contains 4.5 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, which may aid in recovery.
MyProtein Impact Whey
MyProtein Impact Whey
MyProtein Impact Whey

MyProtein's Impact whey comes in 16 unique flavor choices that pack between 17 and 22 grams of protein per serving. It contains 4.5 grams of BCAAs, has low carbs and fats, and is available in several buying options.

Myprotein Impact Whey Highlights

Myprotein Impact Whey comes in 16 delicious flavor choices that range from 17 to 22 grams of whey concentrate protein per serving, with 12 of the flavors containing 18 grams. This formula has a low fat content between zero and two grams per serving, as well as a low carb content, which runs between one and four grams per serving.

One of the best things about this product is that there are several purchasing options — you can choose between buying 10, 40, 100 or 200 servings at once. Although not all flavors have the same options available — five flavors don’t offer the 10 servings option, and White Chocolate Peppermint only offers a 40 serving option.

We tried Myprotein’s Impact whey concentrate, but it’s worth noting that they also have a whey isolate, as well as a whey blend for other protein options. The Impact whey concentrate flavors include Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Smooth, Chocolate Stevia, Cinnamon Cereal, Cookies & Cream, Fruity Cereal, Marshmallow Cereal, Mocha, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, Unflavored, Vanilla, Vanilla Smooth, and White Chocolate Peppermint.

This blend is pretty simple in terms of formulation. It hits all the necessities, but it doesn’t provide a ton of micronutrients or a stacked ingredient list like some other proteins. This does mean that its pricing is a bit more reasonable than other proteins and with the bulk buy options, becomes more affordable as you buy more. Its ingredient list includes artificial ingredients, as well as sucralose, which is important to note if you’re actively avoiding either of those. 

Who Should Buy Myprotein Impact Whey

  • Folks who are interested in a wide variety of flavor choices — this product has 16 to choose from.
  • Those who like to try flavors without too much risk, or who like bulk buying options, as most of these flavors come in 10, 40, 100, and 200 serving size buying options. 
  • Anyone who is looking for a variety of whey proteins to choose from will appreciate that Impact Whey comes in a concentrate, isolate, and blend formula.
  • Those who prefer to keep their carbs and fats low will love to see that all the flavors contain four (or fewer) grams of carbs and two (or fewer) grams of fat per serving.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Myprotein Impact Whey

  • Anyone avoiding artificial ingredients and sweeteners — this formula contains artificial flavors and sucralose as a sweetener.
  • Those who need higher macros for bulking as this protein has two grams of fat and four grams of carbohydrates at most, flavor to flavor. 
  • Those who want a stacked protein supplement with added beneficial ingredients or a large micronutrient profile.

Price and Buying Options

One of the things that sets this protein powder apart is the wide variety of buying options. Most of the 16 flavors include four buying options — 0.55-, 2.2-, 5.5- and 11-pound variations. These weights equate to 10, 40, 100, and 200 serving sizes, respectively. The cheapest option is $0.94 cents when you opt for the 11-pound option, and the most expensive option is $2.00 per serving when you purchase the half 0.55-pound option. 

Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Stevia, Fruity Cereal, Marshmallow Cereal, Mocha, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, and Vanilla are all available in 10, 40, 100, and 200 serving size options. Chocolate Smooth, Cinnamon Cereal, Cookies and Cream, Unflavored, and Vanilla stevia are available in 40, 100, and 200 serving size options. Which leaves White Chocolate Peppermint, which is only offered in the 40 serving size option.

If you’re looking for a sample and opt to buy the 10 serving package, you’ll pay $19.99, or $2.00 per serving. The 40 serving package rings in at $44.99 which comes out to $1.12 per serving. The 100 serving package costs $99.99, which equates to $1.00 per serving. Finally, the 200 serving size has a $189.99 price tag and ends up being $0.94 cents per serving, 


This formula is a good choice for those looking for a decent dose of no-frills whey concentrate protein with lower carbs and fats. This powder also boasts BCAAs and a small profile of micronutrients, but more on what you’ll find in Impact Whey below. 


Myprotein Impact Whey is made with whey concentrate. One study found that whey concentrate is more effective, although not by a statistically significant amount, than placebo and whey isolate when it comes to improvements in upper body strength and lower body strength, which may be due to the higher carb and fat content in a whey concentrate (1).

The protein content changes flavor to flavor, but the protein per serving is between 17 and 22 grams. The unflavored option has the highest protein content at 22 grams, and 12 of the other flavors contain 18 grams. The lowest is Cookies & Cream at 17 grams.


This whey concentrate has very little fat content per serving — between zero and two grams, with most flavors being one and a half or two grams, while Birthday Cake and the unflavored option both contain zero grams of fat. If you’re in a cutting phase, you’re a few weeks out from a bodybuilding show, or you just appreciate getting your fat sources from food rather than supplements, you’ll be happy with these fat content options. 


This formula has between one and four grams of carbohydrates per serving, depending on flavor. This is fairly low for a whey concentrate, and if you’re tracking net carbs or dietary fiber, you won’t see much here — some flavors have less than one gram, but most of the flavors contain no dietary fiber. The carbohydrate content here is pretty low though, which makes it ideal for those who enjoy eating their carbs rather than drinking them.

Sugar and Sweeteners

Every single flavor on this list contains one gram of sugar, except for the unflavored option which contains no sugars. It’s important to note that the sweetness in this formula comes from sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener. As some people may be actively avoiding artificial ingredients, this is important to note. 

Other Forms of Myprotein Impact Whey

Though we tried the whey concentrate from Myprotein, it’s worth mentioning that they offer other protein powders, as well. In addition to their whey concentrate, you’ll also find a whey isolate and a whey blend.

Impact Whey Isolate

Myprotein also offers a whey isolate. The isolate formula contains 22g of protein per serving, and comes in nine delicious flavors — Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Smooth, Cookies and Cream, Mocha, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, Unflavored, and Vanilla. 

All flavor options here come with three different buying options and include 40 serving, 100 serving, and 200 serving options for those who prefer a bulk buy. This protein contains BCAAs, has zero grams of fat and less than two grams of carbs per serving, making it optimal for those who want high protein content while keeping their other macros in check. This supplement is also made with sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and artificial flavors, so if you’re trying to stick to all-natural supps, that’s important to keep in mind.

Impact Whey Blend

Impact whey blend is a combination of Impact whey isolate and Impact whey concentrate. It contains 21g of protein, two grams of fat, and three grams of carbohydrates per serving. It also contains 15 percent of your daily calcium needs as well as the benefits of BCAAs.

This formula comes in five flavors —Chocolate Smooth, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, and Vanilla. All five flavors come in 40, 100, and 200 serving size options, and cost $52.99, $114.99, and $209.99 respectively. 

What To Consider Before Buying Myprotein Impact Whey Concentrate

There are several factors that may influence your protein powder purchase, and it’s important to think about each of them and how they fit in with your goals. You should take into account label accuracy, price point, protein content, macronutrients, micronutrients, and flavors — but more on that below. 

Label Accuracy

Each of these flavors has a separate macronutrient and micronutrient profile, as well as a different ingredient list. If you are curious about each individual nutrition label, you may have to check in with customer service, as they only have one nutrition label available on their website.

Image From Shutterstock/Prostock-studio
Image From Shutterstock/Prostock-studio

The nutrition label is important because it will break down the macro and micronutrient content of each individual flavor. They do, however, have a list of the ingredients for each individual flavor that is readily available on their website, which is ideal for those who are very cautious about their consumption or have allergies and intolerances. The ingredient list is a list of each ingredient that is present in the formula, but is lacking key information, such as the daily percent and numeric amount of macro and micronutrients. 


One of the unique things we like about this product is the multitude of buying options available. Because this formula comes in so many buying options, the prices vary, and they only get sweeter if you buy higher in bulk. The cheapest option is to buy the 11 pound bag, which comes out to $0.94 per serving — a very reasonable price for whey protein. This is also a cheaper formula due to its ingredient list. This formula isn’t particularly heavy on micronutrients or bonus ingredients that you may find in other proteins (like digestive enzymes). It also lacks an organic or all-natural ingredient list, which can make some other proteins more expensive.

Protein Content

The protein content in this formula ranges between 17 and 22 grams of protein per serving, with the average being 18 grams. Whey protein is made through a process that starts with adding enzymes to milk, so that the liquid separates from the curd. Once the liquid is separate, it is pasteurized and concentrated.

For a whey concentrate, that is where the process ends, while other types of whey — like an isolate — are broken down further to eliminate more carbs and fats. This protein is a great option for those looking for a basic whey concentrate formula. However, if you’re in a cutting phase or experience discomfort with lactose consumption, there may be a better option for you out there. 


This formula has between 17 and 22 grams of protein, between zero and two grams of fat, and between one and four grams of carbs per serving, depending on the flavor. The protein content in here is a bit lower than many others on the market, which can fall in the low 20’s per serving.

The carbs and fats are a bit lower than other concentrates, but these numbers still may be too high for those in a cutting phase, or those who are getting ready for a bodybuilding competition. This macro profile is pretty average in all three macronutrients, and may be best suited to average gymgoers or those on a budget whose main concern is about getting more protein in their diet.


This formula contains 4.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs, which may be helpful in recovery after intense exercise (2). BCAAs are branched chain amino acids and are three of the nine essential amino acids, meaning you need to consume them through supplementation or food because the body doesn’t readily make them. But they are imperative for healthy function. 

Every single flavor of Impact whey also contains calcium, which makes up two percent of our body weight and is important for our skeletal health (3). The rest of the micronutrients vary flavor to flavor.

Cinnamon Cereal has a higher micronutrient profile with two percent of your daily vitamin D, 10 percent of your daily calcium, and two percent of your daily iron and potassium. Cookies and Cream, White Chocolate Peppermint, Marshmallow Cereal, Birthday Cake, and Fruity Cereal have similar micronutrient profiles to Cinnamon Cereal. The rest of the flavors contain very few, if any, other micronutrients beyond BCAAs and calcium. 

No matter the flavor here, you can definitely find protein powders on the market that offer more micronutrients within their formula. If you’re looking for a basic list of micros and are more focused on your macros, Impact whey could be for you. But if you’re really wanting to fill all your dietary gaps, you may be better off finding a protein powder with a more robust list of micronutrients. 


This protein comes in 16 flavors, which include Birthday Cake, Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Smooth, Chocolate Stevia, Cinnamon Cereal, Cookies & Cream, Fruity Cereal, Marshmallow Cereal, Mocha, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Cream, Unflavored, Vanilla, Vanilla Smooth, and White Chocolate Peppermint. All the flavors have different macro and micronutrients, so it will be important to make sure you look carefully at each flavor and its respective ingredient list before deciding which one is right for you.

Final Word

Myprotein Impact Whey has created a protein that comes in a multitude of flavors and buying options by weight and serving. While we reviewed the whey concentrate here, Myprotein also makes an isolate and a whey blend option, as well.

With between 17 and 22 grams of protein per serving in the whey concentrate, fats below two grams, and carbs below four grams, this macronutrient profile is great for those looking for a solid dose of whey concentrate protein while keeping other macros low. This blend contains 4.5g of BCAA that can potentially help boost recovery, and this product has a small, but notable, micronutrient profile in half of their flavor choices. 

This product is great for those who like bulk buy options, as most flavors are available in 0.55-, 2.2-, 5.5-, and 11-pound buying options. It’s worth noting that each flavor of Impact Whey has a different ingredient list, and all flavors contain artificial ingredients and sucralose, which some people may try to avoid. If you’re looking for a protein powder that tastes delicious, you’ll never get bored of the vast array of flavor choices here. Plus, this is just a solid, basic option for those who want a relatively low carb and fat content in a whey concentrate.


Is MyProtein Impact Whey worth the money?

This protein has a nice macronutrient profile, contains BCAAs, and offers versatile buying options. Although not all the flavors come in 10, 40, 100, and 200 serving options, over half of them are offered in diverse serving sizes, creating an opportunity to try new flavors with minimum risk, or to bulk buy your favorites for a lesser cost. The more you buy, the less you spend per serving, which gives you more bang for your buck.

What are the benefits of using MyProtein Impact Whey?

Impact whey delivers a solid dose of protein whether you’re using it for potential post-gym gains, to hit your protein macros for the day, or for an easy snack on the go. The addition of BCAAs means it may be helpful in recovery, and the protein content may also help repair torn muscle fibers from intense bouts of exercise.

Who should use MyProtein Impact Whey?

This protein is best suited for those who need a decent serving of protein while keeping carbs and fats lower. This formula is a whey concentrate, and packs 17 to 22 grams of protein per serving. This formula is an easy and delicious protein option for athletes, gymgoers, bodybuilders, vegetarians, and most people just looking for extra protein supplementation. This formula is not well-suited for vegans or anyone actively avoiding artificial ingredients. But if you’re looking for a whey concentrate that’s fairly low in carbs and fats, you’ve found it in MyProtein Impact Whey.


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