Bodybuilders Nick Walker, Derek Lunsford, and Kamal Elgargni Dominate a Team Back Workout

The trio left nothing in the tank en route to pumping their V-tapers.

In a YouTube video uploaded to Nick Walker’s YouTube Channel on Oct. 1, 2022, the Men’s Open competitor hosted an epic back training session with fellow bodybuilders Derek Lunsford and Kamal Elgargni at the MI40 gym down in Tampa, FL. The athletes reinforced their grips with lifting straps, and hit a high-volume pull day, including single-arm movements, machine work, and free-weight exercises.

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The three bodybuilders have racked up enviable pro-level wins on the most competitive stages in bodybuilding. Walker won the 2021 New York Pro, placed fifth at his Olympia debut in 2021, became the 19th men’s bodybuilding Arnold Classic USA champion in 2021, and aims to dethrone Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay at the 2022 Olympia.

Elgargni is a former 212 Olympia winner (2019), while Lunsford recently received a special invitation to compete in the Men’s Open at the 2022 Olympia. Walker, Lunsford, and Elgargni are qualified for the 2022 Olympia set for December 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV, in their respective divisions. Walker retained an invite for his top five finish in 2021, Lunsford has a special invite to the Men’s Open, and Elgargni has a lifetime invite to the 212 Olympia as a former winner. Here’s a breakdown of their back session:

Single-Arm Pulldowns & Dumbbell Rows

Walker, Lunsford, and Elgargni kicked off their back workout with single-arm lat pulldowns. Taking advantage of unilateral training benefits, including slight rotation of the torso allowed them to each evenly train both sides of the body to prevent muscular imbalances.

Each of their two to three sets per side was performed by pulling down into the hip to fully engage the lats. Walker led the next exercise by leaning onto a bench and performing one-arm dumbbell rows, a lat-heavy back exercise used to for adding density to the back. The trio focused on form with full ranges of motion, allowing the muscle to stretch at the bottom of each movement. They completed three sets in the 12-15 rep range.


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Chest-Supported Lying Hammer Rows & Close-Grip Pulldowns

Face down, Elgargni, Walker, and Lunsford took turns on the lying chest-supported hammer row. They kept the elbows high and squeezed the shoulder blades together to emphasize the upper back. They threw in a few drop sets for good measure near the end, removing just enough weight to keep the exercise challenging. They then strapped on a close-grip handle attachment for some heavy close-grip pulldowns. Form was kept strict and tight.

Wide-Grip Seated Rows & Hyperextensions 

The titanic trio finished off their back workout with wide-grip seated rows to finish off the lats and mid-back. Each athlete made sure that their counterparts left nothing in the tank.

We will all be on the Olympia stage together.

The three finished off their workout with some lower back extensions as Walker wrapped up the video.


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Back Workout Summary

Below are the exercises that Walker, Elgargni, and Lunsford performed during the workout:

The bodybuilders held nothing back during their training session. All three pros will likely maintain that level of intensity as the 2022 Olympia is just 12 weeks out from the video’s publication.

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