Should Strength Athletes Try Bobsled? (with Paul Rabic)

Today I’m talking a buddy of mine — and occasional training partner — Paul Rabic. Like a lot of folks in the strength space, Paul has a multi-sport background. He discovered CrossFit some time after, and now, literally in the past year, he’s qualified to become a member of the USA Bobsled Team. He’s now prepping to compete in his first-ever international meet. We chat switching sports, what it means to build yourself into a powerful athlete, and why bobsled is looking for those athletes specifically. How has adapting to a new winter sport changed Paul’s approach to training himself and his clients?

Paul Rabic BarBend Podcast

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Paul Rabic about:

  • Paul’s athletic background (1:40)
  • Getting inspired by watching the 2022 Winter Olympic Games (5:13)
  • Why cold emailing coaches actually worked (7:30)
  • The combine metrics Paul had to train for (9:30)
  • Bobsled push camp (12:30)
  • How a bobsled squad actually comes together (14:00)
  • How does a national team get picked with so few chances to run courses? (17:00)
  • Watching “Cool Runnings” and the very real dangers of this sport (21:00)

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