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Chiropractor Jordan Shallow

Dr. Jordan Shallow: Your Warmup Is Broken

According to Dr. Jordan Shallow, the way we warm up — and the way most people think about movement —  is fundamentally broken. The chiropractor, internationally competitive powerlifter, and presenter joins us to

Jordan Feigenbaum Podcast

Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum: What We Get Wrong About Pain

Jordan Feigenbaum is an accomplished powerlifter and strength coach and the founder of Barbell Medicine. In 2016, Feigenbaum received his doctorate of medicine from the Eastern Virginia Medical School and has grown Barbell

Sarah Furman

Sarah Furman: Finding Unconventional Strength

David TaoSarah Furman is a figure competitor turned strongman athlete who has witnessed firsthand the sport’s massive growth in the United States. We talk training for looks versus performance, the factors attracting more

Russel Orhii Podcast

Russel Orhii: Powerlifting’s Next Big Thing

Powerlifter Russel Orhii is rewriting the record books and making us rethink what’s possible in his sport. And it’s all happened in a few short years. Find out what makes Russel tick, where he

Nick Shaw

Nick Shaw: Building a Nutrition Empire

What fuels athletes like Rich Froning, Annie Thorisdottir, and Mattie Rogers? Hint: It’s nutrition, backed by science. In under five years, Nick Shaw built Renaissance Periodization from an upstart seller of diet templates

Heber Cannon Podcast

Heber Cannon: Fitness Life with a Buttery Bro

For nearly a decade, Heber Cannon directed films for CrossFit HQ and brought the CrossFit Games and culture to a worldwide audience. Today, he’s one half of The Buttery Bros, a dynamic duo