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Teddy Willsey BarBend Podcast

Teddy Willsey: Move Better for Life (Podcast)

Today we’re talking to Dr. Teddy Willsey, a sports rehab and performance specialist who works with athletes of all levels in building strong, resilient movement patterns. Dr. Willsey is one of the go-to

Scott Herman BarBend Podcast Thumbnail

Scott Herman: The OG Fitness Influencer? (Podcast)

Today I’m talking to Scott Herman, a trainer, BSN athlete, influencer, and founder of Scott was one of the first mainstream fitness influencers on YouTube and built out one of the internet’s

Bill Esch BarBend Podcast

Bill Esch: America’s Kettlebell Warrior (Podcast)

Bill Esch is best known online as the Kettlebell Warrior. Starting with a background in Olympic weightlifting, Bill discovered kettlebell sport in his late 20s. After five years of training, he became the first