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Silent Mike

The Life and Times of Silent Mike

Silent Mike broke new ground in the world of fitness content. From the early days putting his life and training online with Mark Bell and Super Training Gym to a successful podcasting career,

Sean Waxman

Sean Waxman: Where Does Weightlifting Go From Here?

Sean Waxman is one of America’s most accomplished — and outspoken — weightlifting coaches. The USA Weightlifting Board Member and Waxman’s Gym founder talks about his career and approach to coaching. He also

Cole Sager

Cole Sager: Can He Change Your Life?

Cole Sager is a CrossFit Games veteran and Spirit of the Games Award Winner. He’s a full-time athlete who spends an incredible amount of energy trying to reach people outside the sport. Find

Greg Nuckols

Greg Nuckols: A Better Way to Approach Strength Research

Greg Nuckols, world record setting powerlifter and founder of Stronger By Science, walks us through his unorthodox career, the coolest strength sports, and bridging the gap between studies and what’s actually useful in

Brandon Heavey

From NASA to Fitness with Brandon Heavey

Brandon Heavey’s story is epic: He’s a former NASA engineer who, after a personal fitness revelation, decided to change careers and become a fitness trainer. Heavey swapped Mars rovers for squat cycles and

James Newbury

James Newbury: What It Takes to Succeed in CrossFit

James Newbury is the 5th Fittest Man on Earth, a 4-time Australia’s Fittest Man, and one of the most cerebral athletes we’ve ever spoken with. Learn about the changes to training, nutrition, and