Heavy Leg Day Coming Up? Watch This For Motivation First

“At the 2018 Arnold I’m hoping to squat over nine, bench press low-to-mid sixes, and then deadlift anything over 800 pounds I’d be happy with that for a full meet, but I’d like to take a stab at 881.” – Nick Weite

The above is a quote pulled from the second Rogue Fitness “Road to the Arnold” video from this year, which is a series that’s following athletes in lead up to the 2018 Arnold Classic. This video features veteran powerlifter and 8-time Arnold Classic competitor Nick Weite.

Currently, Weite competes as a 275 lb athlete and plans to compete equipped in both the Rogue Grand Prix meet and the Pro Deadlift event. Weite’s first Arnold Classic experience came in 2009 when he took home first in the 125kg weight class at the USA Powerlifting Raw Challenge, and was also awarded Best Lifter.

The Rogue Fitness video below follows Weite through his day-to-day where he serves as a police officer for St. Louis City Police Department.

Last year, Weite totaled 1,022.5kg (2249 lbs) at the Arnold Grand Prix, which earned him second behind powerlifting legend Blaine Sumner. On the day, Weite went 5/8 (passing on his third deadlift attempt) and has since made it a point that he wasn’t pleased with his performance.

“Powerlifting is really mental, when weight’s on the bar, if you don’t think you’re going to be able to lift it, you’re not going to lift it, so you need to go with the mindset that the weight’s already been done. It’s just you getting up and going through the motions.” – Weite

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With only two weeks left until the 2018 Arnold Classic kicks off, we’re pumped to see what kind of numbers Weite is capable of putting up. He’s been crushing some heavy lifts in his recent training videos. Check out his easy 825 lb squat single below from early February.


Will Weite be able to top his previous Grand Prix totals? Time will tell, but from what we can see, we’re optimistic that he can.

Feature image from Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.