The Hype Is Real In Jerry Pritchett’s 2018 Road to the Arnold Video

“I want to sit on top of the podium that’s the ultimate goal, it’s to win the Arnold. It’s going to happen, whether it happens this year, or next year…it’s going to happen.”

Let it begin. The series of 2018 Arnold Classic hype up videos are beginning to be released by Rogue Fitness. These are videos where Rogue Fitness follows different athletes through their day-to-day lives, training, and explore what the Arnold means to them.

This year’s first video is highlighting professional strongman Jerry Pritchett. Living in Arizona, Pritchett has been competing in the Arnold Classic since 2013, and took home third place last year behind Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson, along with an Elephant Bar 467kg (1,031 lb) World Record.

Check out the six minute Rogue Fitness video below; it’s worth the watch.

The video above follows Pritchett to his gym where he talks about his training, job, and equipment. Pritchett wakes up every day at 3:30 AM, leaves the house at 4 AM, gets to work at 5 AM, then puts in nine hours before hitting the gym at 3 PM.

Currently, he works at a public utility as a metal fabricator for their transportation department, which was cool to see because he also discusses how he’s built roughly 98% of his own equipment. From stones, to axles, and even a leg press, Pritchett has constructed it all on his own.

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“Sometimes it feels like you’re chasing a dream that only you can see, and nobody else understands, but I can see it, and I know if I put in more I’m going to get there. I’m driving harder than I ever have.” 

The Arnold is less than three weeks away, so we’re pumped to see what other athletes Rogue Fitness has chosen to feature. Last year’s lineup included some of strength sport’s top athletes, and you check out three videos we wrote about below.

These videos are always a nice reminder of how much strength sports continue to grow. I always think of them like pre-playoff hype up videos you’d see on ESPN, or other major TV networks. Hopefully one day we’ll see strength sports videos like this make it on major media outlets, but for now, we’re thankful Rogue Fitness is sharing them on YouTube.

Feature image screenshot from Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.