Stefi Cohen Smashes Three New All-Time Powerlifting World Records

Three more all-time world records have fallen to the hands of Stefi Cohen.

It was an absolutely electric weekend down in Miami, Florida at the Hybrid Showdown II powerlifting meet. The action packed weekend was filled with monstrous lifts, incredible performances, and of course, some newly set all-time world records.

Three of the new all-time world records that were smashed on the second, invite only day, at the Hybrid Showdown II meet came from one of the event’s hosts, Stefi Cohen.

Cohen, who competed in the women’s 114 lb weight class completely blew the previous all-time world records out of the water. Her final lifts for the day were as follows:

  • Squat: 202.5kg/446 lbs (ATWR)
  • Bench Press: 102.5kg/226 lbs
  • Deadlift: 205kg/452 lbs (ATWR)
  • Total: 510kg/1,124 lbs (ATWR)
  • Wilks: 638

To kick off her strong performance, she opened with a 192.5kg/424 lb squat, which broke the current all-time raw + wraps squat world record held by Jenn Rotsinger by 6 lbs. 

Then, to add to the impressiveness of the feat and to push the world record further, Cohen bumped the weight up to 202.5kg/446 lbs for her second attempt — check out the lift below. 

On the bench press, Cohen went 2-for-3 and finished with a 102.5kg/226 lb second attempt and closely missed her 105kg/231 third attempt. 

Heading into the deadlift with one all-time world record under her belt, Cohen only needed to deadlift 188kg/415 lbs to break Rotsinger’s current all-time total world record, which is a feat that she completes on a regular basis.

To open her deadlifts, Cohen pulled 190kg/418.8 lbs which broke the current total world record and then called for 205kg/452 lbs on the bar to break the deadlift world record. Unfortunately, Cohen fell just short of completing her 215kg/473 lb third attempt, however, the total and deadlift world records were already hers.

So what’s next for Cohen? We’re not completely sure as to which weight class she’ll go to next, but in the comments section on her latest Instagram post she talked about potentially bumping up to the 132 lb and 148 lb weight classes!

Feature image from @hybridperformancemethod Instagram page.