Jenn Rotsinger Beats Two Orlando Europa Open IPL World Records

Rotsinger sets women's 56kg IPL world records in the squat and deadlift.

Jenn Rotsinger went into the Orlando Europa wanting nothing more than to crush the Open International Powerlifting League (IPL) world record, and on Sunday she did just that.

Rotsinger, who went up a weight class to 123 pounds (56 kg) to qualify for the IPL World Championship at this meet, performed a 358 pound (162.5 kg) squat which was enough to beat the current Open IPL world record. Additionally, Rotsinger broke the current 123 lb (56kg) IPL deadlift world record, but more on that below.

At the Orlando Convention Center, Rotsinger admitted she had a “crappy bench day”. She opened with 198 pound (90 kg) bench press. Note, her best bench press of all-time was 221.5 pounds (100.5 kg). She also mentioned in her Instagram post that her performance outcome may have been due to a change in her training because of an injury.

“Mental note: backing off of back movements because of an injury will make my bench weak.”

As mentioned above, Rotsinger earned a new world record in the deadlift with a 435 pound (197 kg) pull. This performance was only 16.9 pounds shy of her 451.9 pound best (204.97 kg) deadlift of all time. She remains hopeful that her 537 Wilks Score will be high enough to get her a spot on the World Team.

Rotsinger has been a force in the powerlifting world for quite some time. She is constantly breaking world records on the platform and lifetime PRs in the gym. To further this point, Rotsinger currently holds three all-time world records for the 52kg women’s weight class including squat (no wraps), deadlift, and total (with and without wraps.)

When Rotsinger is not breaking world records she is plenty busy being a powerlifting coach, co-owner of Gorilla Bench Training Center in Florida, and also working as a microbiologist. Rotsinger also recently started a USPA meet called “The Jenn” which is aiming to be the largest all women’s strength event in the Southeast featuring powerlifting, strongwoman, and CrossFit. Rotsinger’s meet is coming up this summer and will be held June 1st and 2nd in Tampa, Florida.

Next up for Rotsinger? She is about six weeks out and preparing for The Tribute meet in San Antonio, Texas.

Feature image via @jrotsinger Instagram page.