52kg World Record Holder Jenn Rotsinger Deadlifts a 193kg (425 lb) Lifetime PR

Powerlifter Jenn Rotsinger is looking incredibly strong in her recent training videos. If you’re already a fan of Rotsinger, then this probably won’t surprise you, as she currently holds three all-time world records for the 52kg women’s weight class. These records include the squat (no wraps), deadlift, and total (with & without wraps).

Four days ago, Rotsinger shared this strong deadlift video that tops her best gym and lifetime PRs. In her Instagram description she writes, “P mother-lovin R! 425 for a 15 pound gym PR and a one pound lifetime PR. Things are going to get interesting in about two weeks at #botb4.” 

In the description above, Rotsinger mentions that in two weeks she’ll be competing at #botb4. To learn more about the specifics of this next meet we reached out and Rotsinger said, “Battle of the Bay 4 is in two weeks, but I am not cutting for that, so I’m lifting as a 56. The Open is the big meet I’m prepping for in May as a 52.”

[Watch Jenn Rotsinger deadlift triple bodyweight for a jaw dropping 23 reps!]

When we asked her what her deadlift and total goals were she replied with, “I’m hoping to go for 440 lbs, if not at this meet, then definitely for the Open. Battle of the Bay 4 is really just a tune-up meet for me. As far as a total goal, I don’t really have one other than for it to be more than my last (1,015 lbs). 

In addition to her goals – and after seeing the new lifetime PR – we asked Rotsinger what’s different about this meet’s deadlift prep compared to ones of the past. She said, “Prep this time around has been similar to times past, but my coach Trevor Jaffe made a technical change to my stance recently. We brought my stance out a bit and my gaze much higher. This has allowed for my hips to start closer to the bar and so far it has been a good change.”

We’re pumped to see how this technical change influences Rotsinger’s performance in the next couple months. Will she break her current all-time world records? Time will tell!

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Feature image screenshot from @jrotsinger Instagram page.