Strongman Peiman Maheripourehir Deadlifts 440 Kilograms (970 Pounds) Without a Lifting Suit

The Iranian strongman is inching closer and closer to the all-time world record deadlift.

Most of the attention in the strongman space currently is on the 2021 World’s Strongest Man contest in Sacramento, CA. However, there are several strongmen not competing in that competition this year that are still making big moves — and moving big weights. Peiman Maheripourehir is a glaring example of that.

Maheripourehir deadlifted 422.3 kilograms (931 pounds) without lifting straps, 435 kilograms (959 pounds) for a double with a lifting suit, and pulled the third heaviest deadlift ever* (to our knowledge) of 492 kilograms (1,084.7 pounds) — also in a lifting suit. On June 14, 2021, he dropped the suit, grabbed some lifting straps and a belt, and locked out 440 kilograms (970 pounds). Check it out the video of it below, courtesy of his Instagram page  — Maheripourehir pulled the weight in socks:

*The heaviest deadlift ever is Hafthor Björnsson’s 501-kilogram (1,104-pound) lift. The second heaviest ever is Eddie Hall’s milestone 500-kilogram (1,102-pound) lift.


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In his caption, Maheripourehir mentioned that this lift was raw. Although lifting with straps would not be considered raw in a powerlifting meet, it would be in a strongman contest.

Maheripourehir has mentioned previously that he has his sights set on eclipsing Hafthor Björnsson‘s all-time heaviest deadlift of 501 kilograms (1,104 pounds). Although this recent gym lift is less than his personal best, to pull 440 kilograms (970 pounds) without a lifting suit shows how much he has improved his deadlift in the last two years. For context, in 2019, he pulled 405 kilograms (891 pounds) raw — an Asian record — at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) World Championship.

The Iranian strongman isn’t the only athlete who might attempt to shatter Björnsson’s record in 2022. Gabriel Peña already has plans to shoot for the record at the Giants Live 2021 Manchester World Open on August 14. Whether it is Peña, Maheripourehir, or another strongman like Ivan Makarov, a new deadlift world record doesn’t seem to be a matter of if, but when.

Feature image: @peiman.maheri.wsm on Instagram