The Plunge Cold Plunge Review

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold.

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Though you could just hop in a trash can full of ice, The Plunge Cold Plunge can offer a much more luxurious experience. A cold plunge is just as it sounds — emerging yourself in cold water (below 59 degrees Fahrenheit) for a goal time of around three minutes. These plunges can have physical and mental benefits, potentially boosting immunity, speeding up recovery, helping with weight loss, and even calming your mind and providing mental clarity. This product is ideal for those looking to experience the many benefits of ice baths with a tub that is ready to go for them.

The problem with a basic trash can cold plunge is that you must set up the can, wait for it to fill, and dump in the perfect amount of ice to reach your goal temperature. The Plunge Cold Plunge is a true plug-and-plunge cold plunge that can reach temperatures as cold as 39 degrees (all temperatures are in Fahrenheit) and hold it there for a whole day. There are also Hot & Cold Plunge models with temps reaching 103 degrees. If you are an avid cold plunger and looking for a clean, regulated way to take your daily plunges, The Plunge Cold Plunge is a great — though luxury — option worth considering. 

The Cold Plunge
The Cold Plunge
The Cold Plunge

 This ergonomic tub design sits at 24 inches tall, 67 inches long, and 43 inches wide giving users ample room to lie down and relax in a soak. The Plug-and-Plunge design makes setting up and filling up simple — its water hookup works with a standard garden hose.

Main Takeaways

  • The Plunge Cold Plunge can adjust to 39 degrees and keep the temperature there all day. If you opt for one of the upgraded models, the Plunge can also reach temperatures of 103 degrees.
  • The Plunge has a hose hookup that lets you easily drain the tub when necessary.
  • The filters along the side filter the water every 10 minutes to keep your space clean, even when you’re outside in the elements.

The Plunge Cold Plunge Video Review

Our Reviews Writer Jake takes you through all of the details of the Plunge during his video review. You can get a firsthand look at one of our favorite cold plunges on the market as he gives you a full walk-around and plunges into The Plunge.

The Plunge Cold Plunge Highlights

  • Price: $4,990 for the base model
  • Temperature Control: The included chiller will keep your water as cold as 39 degrees
  • Materials: Acrylic
  • Dimensions (base model): 24” H x 67” L x 43” W

The Pluge Cold Plunge is definitely an investment. It’ll run you right around $5,000, so if you’re new to cold plunging or don’t do it that often, this may not be your best bet. If you opt for the Pro or the Hot & Cold Plunge, go ahead and tack on an extra $500 to $2,000. But, if you’re a regular plunger and are tired of filling up trash cans or your bathtub to take a dip, the Cold Plunge can provide a dedicated space for you to use for a daily cold plunge, which may make the money worth your while.

The Plunge Cold Plunge Acrylic Build
The Plunge Cold Plunge Acrylic Build

It’s easy to fill up and drain with your hose, and thanks to the chiller on the side of the tub, it will hold your water temperature at 39 degrees for a full 24 hours (or 103 if you go for the hot water model), so it’s always ready to go. The acrylic build ensures you can place it outside, and it’ll withstand the elements, but the overall size may make it a bit large for those working with small spaces. 


  • The micron filtration system means you won’t need to drain your water after every use.
  • The built-in light allows for nighttime plunging.
  • The Plunge reaches temperatures as low as 39 degrees, and the hot water models reach 103 degrees. 


  • The “cheapest” model will run you around $5,000.
  • Measuring 5.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide, The Plunge Cold Plunge may be too large for some people to find ample room for it, and that’s especially true with the XL model, as it’s six inches longer and one inch wider.
  • The plumbing will likely freeze if you opt for the strictly cold water model and live in a region where the outdoor temperature is frequently below freezing.

Using the Plunge Cold Plunge

From the quick installation to the filtered water, luxury is the name of the game with The Plunge Cold Plunge. The acrylic build is durable and works in tandem with the insulated cover to keep the cold (or hot) water temperatures in check. The chiller on the side of the tub is also a total game changer, especially for those who live in hot climates. Since all you need to do is select the temperature setting, you avoid the need to spend money on 60 to 80 pounds of ice for one single plunge during the summer, plus the filter will remove any impurities in the water, so you don’t have to drain it after every use. 

Jake Using The Plunge Cold Plunge
Jake Using The Plunge Cold Plunge

Another thing we enjoyed about The Plunge Cold Plunge is the size. While it could ultimately be a negative for anyone tight on space, the overall design is tough to top. Not only is it pretty sleek, but it’s long enough to allow you to extend your legs to achieve the full effect, and you can fit another person in there if you want.


This is a true plug and plunge cold plunge. Simply plug the chiller into a standard 120v outlet, fill it with a garden hose, and you’re all set.

Temperature Settings

We don’t know about you, but running to the store to purchase $50 worth of ice for one single plunge session is not our cup of tea. While the chiller ultimately leads to a more expensive price tag, we think the ability to select your desired temperature and simply hop in whenever you please is worth that extra money. 

The Plunge Cold Plunge Chiller
The Plunge Cold Plunge Chiller

Regardless of which model you choose, you can set the water as cold as 39 degrees, while the hot water models technically double as a hot tub with a max temperature of 103 degrees.

Filtration System

Another advantage of owning The Plunge is the filtration system.

The Plunge Cold Plunge Filter
The Plunge Cold Plunge Filter

The 20-micron filter will remove any impurities from your water, so you don’t have to drain it after every use or every other use as you do with competitor plunges like the Ice Barrel.


The acrylic build of the tub is a two-for-one in our eyes. Not only does it resemble an actual bathtub, but this also means it’s durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements, and it’s easy to scrub the inside when necessary. 


This is a pretty large plunge, as it truly resembles a bathtub. We enjoy this since it allows us to submerge our body and stretch out fully, but this could also be a negative aspect for those who can’t make the proper space for it at home.

What to Consider Before Buying The Plunge Cold Plunge

Like any product, you need to consider a few factors before deciding whether or not The Plunge Cold Plunge is a good fit for you. We always suggest focusing on money, but one of the models may be the most ideal due to the temperature settings and the footprint.

Price and Available Models

This is an expensive piece of equipment and will cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $7,600. While The Plunge is more expensive than models that resemble a barrel and many of the inflatable options on the market, the overall quality and luxurious feel may make it worth the extra money. Plus, you won’t need to spend around $50 or so on ice for one session, and you drastically cut down on wasting water. 

The Plunge Cold Plunge and Chiller
The Plunge Cold Plunge and Chiller

Let’s look at all of the options from The Plunge. As stated, the base model will run you around $5,000, while the Hot & Cold Plunge will cost about $5,500. The Cold Plunge Pro features a chiller that has three times the base model’s power, making the temperature drop around eight to 10 degrees per hour as opposed to the 2.5 degrees per hour you’ll find on the base model. The cold water only version of the Pro is listed at around $6,000, while the Hot & Cold Plunge Pro will cost you about $6,500. 

If you want a larger model, the XL is about six feet long, almost four feet wide (including the chiller), and slightly over two feet tall. The cold water version of the Cold Plunge Pro XL is priced at about $7,000, while the Hot & Cold XL model is around $7,500.

While the previous models are designed for home usage, there is a commercial model with a more robust pump and a limited one-year commercial warranty. The Commercial Plunge Pro is about $6,500, the Hot & Cold Pro is about $7,000, the Commercial Pro XL will cost you around $7,500, and the Commercial Hot & Cold Pro XL is about $8,000.

Temperature Control 

The best thing about The Plunge Cold Plunge is how easy it is to regulate the water temperature. Remember, all of the models can reach a chilling 39 degrees, while the hot water models can reach a bubbling 103 degrees. The base model’s chiller can adjust the water temperature at a rate of 2.5 degrees per hour instead of the eight to 10 degrees drop per hour you’ll find with the Pro models. 

The Plunge Cold Plunge Insulated Cover
The Plunge Cold Plunge Insulated Cover

The hot water models can raise the water from 50 to 103 degrees over the span of 12 hours, so be prepared to wait it out if you’re looking for that jacuzzi feel. We’ve tested a lot of cold plunges, and this is superior to using an endless amount of ice for one single use to get the water to the optimal temperature, especially during the summer months.


Available space, or lack thereof, could be the most limiting factor for some people, so it’s essential to map out your space and ensure you have ample room before making this purchase. Remember, the base model is 5.5 feet long, 3.5 feet wide, and two feet tall, while the XL model is about half a foot longer, three inches taller, and an inch wider. 

If you simply don’t have the room for it, we suggest targeting a smaller option, like a barrel or even an inflatable one that you can take down when necessary. 

The Plunge Cold Plunge Vs. Competitor Cold Plunges

Since there are so many cold plunges on the market, we decided to compare The Plunge Cold Plunge to some other popular models. 

  The Plunge Cold Plunge Inergize Cold Plunge Tub Polar Monkeys Brainpod 2.0 Redwood Outdoors Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub
Price $4,990 $4,990 $3,990 $2,000
Temperature Control Chiller Chiller Chiller Ice (optional chiller upgrade)
Dimensions 24” H x 67” L x 43” W 64” L x 30” H x 28” W 67” Lx 22” H x 43” W  40.5” H x 37” W
Materials Acrylic Drop Stitch Polyester Fiberglass Scandinavian Thermowood

Popularity isn’t the only reason we decided to compare these cold plunges — we wanted to provide a few different pricing and material options. If the price tag is your driving force, then the Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub will be your best bet, but remember, you’ll have to purchase a lot of ice and use a lot of water for each use. We actually purchased 100 pounds of ice for one plunge session in this tub. 

If you want to avoid waste altogether, one of the three models with the included chiller will be your best bet. The materials might matter to some people more than others, but all four plunges are durable enough to be stationed outside. 

For some, space is the ultimate deciding factor. If you’re pretty cramped, the Inergize Cold Plunge Tub and the Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub will be your best options. While the Alaskan Cold Plunge takes up less space, the ability to deflate the Inergize Tub and store it in the included duffle bag is clutch.

Nobody knows what suits you best better than you. So if you keep these things in mind and factor in your priorities, you can’t go wrong with any of these cold plunges. 

Places to Buy

You can buy all models of the Plunge through the Plunge website directly. 


Your purchase of any version of the base model, Pro model, or XL model comes with a one-year factory warranty to protect your product. The commercial model features a one-year commercial warranty.

Company Information

The Plunge sells a variety of plunge pools, including this Cold Plunge, a Hot & Cold Plunge, a Cold Plunge Pro, and a Hot & Cold Plunge Pro. The company’s goal is to bring a comfortable plunge experience to homes and commercial spaces. You can call their customer service at (916) 758-6920 or email them at [email protected] for more information. 

In Conclusion

The Plunge Cold Plunge is a luxurious option for cold plungers looking to step up their recovery process. It’s made of a lasting acrylic material, allows users to submerge completely, and holds a steady temp of 39 degrees (or 103 if you go for the hot water model) for up to a day. There’s underwater lighting for late-night sessions and a cell phone holder to stream your favorite shows to help distract you from the cold. It’s big enough to fit people over six feet tall, but you can always opt for the XL model if necessary. Just remember, this will cost you a pretty penny, and it will dominate a good chunk of space.


How much does The Plunge Cold Plunge cost?

Your chosen model determines the price you’ll pay for The Plunge. The cheapest option is the base model Cold Plunge, which will run around $5,000. If you decide you want the option for hot water, that’ll bring your total to around $5,500. Opting for the Pro model will add an additional $1,000 to your purchase, while the commercial models start at around $6,500 and end at about $8,000.

How cold can The Plunge Cold Plunge get?

This plunge can get down to 39 degrees and stay there for a full day, thanks to the constantly working chiller.

Can I put The Plunge Cold Plunge outside?

Yes, if you would rather put your tub outside than inside, an insulated cover, filtration system, and skimmer net can help keep your tub clean. However, if you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing, you’ll want to opt for the Hot & Cold Plunge, so your pipes won’t freeze.