Tia-Clair Toomey Discusses Whether or Not She’ll Compete at 2020 CrossFit Games

The Fittest Woman on Earth has not ruled out the CrossFit Games.

Tia-Clair Toomey is the first ever three-time Fittest Woman on Earth™ — she’s won the last three consecutive CrossFit Games and is arguably the most influential female athlete in the sport. So a lot of people have been waiting on her to make a firm statement as to whether or not she’s boycotting the CrossFit Games this year.

That’s a position that many athletes are taking in response to the storm of controversy that has shrouded the sport in recent weeks after the founder and CEO, Greg Glassman, resigned amidst allegations of racism. You can read all about the tweets that started it all and caused sponsors like Reebok and FITAID to pull support for the Games. Two-time Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir said she wouldn’t compete this year, as did Brooke Wells and Amanda Barnhart.

Then, this weekend, The New York Times published an article alleging that Glassman created an environment of sexism and misogyny during his reign, and then Brent Fikowski, Sam Briggs, and more athletes declared they won’t compete at the Games either.

So. Tia-Clair Toomey posted her thoughts on everything. We’ve got our highlights below the video, with bolding done by BarBend’s editorial team.

I understand and know that no matter what side I choose to be on, there’s going to be people throughout the world who disagree with me. And as much as I want to make everyone happy and I want to do the right thing by everyone else, the only thing I can really do and say are the things I truly believe to be right and going off all the information I have. (…)

On Glassman’s tweet and the e-mail that surfaced in which he berated an affiliate owner in response to her concerns

I thought that he was being insensitive to a lot of people and I truly believe that it just wasn’t necessary (…) when I read those emails, I personally was disgusted in the way people were being treated and being accused of something I thought Greg had no right to be accusing someone of. And those behaviors of Greg Glassman were something I definitely didn’t agree on and I felt very strongly about not supporting and wanting to be a part of anything that Greg was simply a part of.

On athletes and sponsors pulling support for the Games

I understand exactly where those athletes and the companies are coming from because I definitely don’t condone that either. But something that was very important for me and why I didn’t post or say “I’m out of the CrossFit Games” is because a part of me really wants to makes sure I have all my information before I start making decisions about my future.

And in my opinion, there was a lot riding on what was going on in my life, and I dedicated so much of my time and energy into training that all I want to do is compete. And so to be asked the question of whether or not I’m going to compete at the CrossFit Games or not this season, it was not an easy question to answer and it’s still something I haven’t answered because I’m still constantly having to ask myself which way do I want to go.

it’s still something I haven’t answered because I’m still constantly having to ask myself which way do I want to go.

And that doesn’t mean I’m silencing and it doesn’t mean I’m not taking action  (…) for me I really believe that before making any decisions or going after specific actions, I really want to make sure I have everything I need to, one, make a stand, two, support the decision I choose to make. (…)

Just because of what one man said shouldn’t tarnish the rest of the organization and the good people that still work under that banner. (…)


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On her feelings for Greg Glassman

It’s just so sad that this has just all been generated by one man who is just… so… frustrating.

I do not support or condone and I do not believe in what Greg Glassman said. I, personally, have only met him once, which was less than a year ago. (…)

I do believe Greg Glassman should be held responsible for his actions and I really hope that by this experience and the people he has hurt by reckless conversation has made him realize just how careful he has to be and how sensitive he should be when it comes to people from all over the world.

Personally, all I want to do is compete. I want to put on a show for the people out there all over the world and I want to shed some positivity all over the world especially after going through this COVID-19.

So that’s where Tia-Clair stands. If we had to summarize her position it would be that she doesn’t condone Greg’s actions, but she doesn’t think the entire sport and all of its athletes and employees should be tarnished by the words of their CEO. She says she still hasn’t firmly made a decision on attending the Games, but for now, it looks like she’s still leaning toward competing.

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