Garden of Life Perfect Food Vs. MacroLife Macro Greens — Which Has More Nutrition?

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There’s a lot to like about these two green superfood drinks: they’re both inexpensive and they both have a nice, descriptive nutrition label — something that can be hard to find in this industry.

Macro Life naturals sell quite a wide variety of superfood powders, including two kinds of reds powders with berries and a chocolate greens powder, but Macro Greens is their flagship product.

Garden of Life, on the other hand, specializes a little more in protein (they sell seven different kinds), but they’ve got a few different kinds of greens powder as well. We’re looking at their unflavored raw organic, Raw Organic Perfect Food Green Superfood. Is it a better deal than Macro Greens?

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Macro Greens

This is a really tasty green superfood drink. It tastes a little like Athletic Greens – fruity, tangy, and just a little creamy, sort of like fruit yogurt but milder.

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Raw Organic Perfect Food

This is raw, unflavored greens powder and it tastes likr it. The main flavor is the earthy, grassy taste of wheat grass and it has a pretty gritty, nutty after taste. This is probably because of the ground millet and flax.

It’s not great, but it is available in an apple flavor and a chocolate flavor in case you’d rather not consume something that tastes so… natural.

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Winner: Macro Greens 

Macro Greens Vs Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw


Macro Greens

The price fluctuates, but you can usually pick up a 30-serving tub for $30. A better deal is to pick up a larger tub of 90 servings for $60 — three times as much greens powder for just twice the price. That winds up at 66 cents per serving.

Raw Organic Perfect Food

You can pick up 30 servings for $26, so that’s 86 cents a serving. This is the only size in which it’s available, so it’s a little hard to say which of the two is cheaper. If you just want 30 servings then Perfect Food wins out, if you want a three-month supply then Macro Greens comes out on top.

Winner: Draw


Macro Greens

This one has about 40 different ingredients in seven categories that cover fruits and veggies, algae, probiotic cultures, adaptogens, and medicinal herbs — a really wide variety of ingredients. Only some of the greens (the barley grass and the spirulina) are organic.

Macro Greens

Raw Organic Perfect Food

This product has more of a focus on greens, like barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass, and wheat grass. It delivers twice as many of them per serving when compared to Macro Greens and it uses juice powders, which are a little more nutritious than the powdered plant. There’s also some sprouted grains and legumes, plus every single ingredient is organic.

Raw Organic Perfect Food

It doesn’t stack all the way up to Macro Greens in most respects — it has a much smaller variety of ingredients and fewer probiotics. But if you’re taking green superfood drinks for the grasses, the chlorophyll, and the antioxidants, then Raw Organic Perfect Food may be the better pick.

It really depends on what you’re after, but personally speaking, I preferred Macro Life’s broader array of ingredients.

Winner: Macro Greens


Macro Greens

Let’s look at the actual nutrition label. Macro Greens is much higher in Vitamins C, E, and B12. It also has a huge 18 billion probiotics from five strains, compared to Garden of Life’s 1.5 billion from three strains.

In addition, as mentioned above, it has a broader array of ingredients. For example, it contains adaptogens like eleuthero and astragalus, which may relieve stress and improve cognitive function.

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Raw Organic Perfect Food

This is a tiny bit higher in calcium and iron, but not enough for it to be considered a particularly effective source of either. As noted, it’s far lower in probiotics and it has fewer digestive enzymes.

Given it contains about twice as many greens, it’s probably higher in antioxidants and chlorophyll, if those are ingredients you prioritize.

However, I’m more confident that Macro Greens provides the most benefit for your buck.

Winner: Macro Greens

Overall Winner: MacroLife Macro Greens

This was a pretty tight race, and for the amount of money you’re paying, neither of these products are a bad buy. But with all the extra vitamins and probiotics in Macro Greens, I personally prefer this product.


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