Powerlifter Blake Lehew (82.5KG) Sets New World Record Total at 910 Kilograms, Raw W/ Wraps

The division has a new lifter on top.

The 2021 Kern US Open — held from April 25-25, 2021, in San Diego, CA — was a monumental meet that saw numerous world records. As the event approached the finish line, Blake Lehew, who competed in the 82.5 kilogram raw with wraps division, rounded out the Kern US Open with a new all-time world record total of 910 kilograms (2,006 pounds).

Here are Lehew’s full stats from the meet:

  • Squat — 340 kilograms (749 pounds) 
  • Bench Press — 215 kilograms (474 pounds)
  • Deadlift 355 kilograms (783 pounds)
  • Total — 910 kilograms (2,006 pounds), new ATWR


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The new total breaks the tie between John Haack and Kody Blazek, who had hit 907.5 kilograms (2,000.7 pounds) at the 2019 USPA Tribute meet. (Haack now competes in the 90-kilogram category.) With this monstrous total, Lehew joins an elite club of lifters who have totaled 11 times their body weight. In fact, he’s the second man to do so at the 2021 Kern US Open. The milestone was first achieved by 90-kilogram lifter Chad Penson, who also became the first 90-kilo lifter to squat 400 kilograms.

A few other lifters had monumental showings, too. Dan Bell hit a 505-kilogram squat in the super heavyweight division. Hunter Henderson, who competes at 75 kilograms, set two new world records and broke through the 700-kilogram total milestone in her weight class. Then, 90-plus-kilogram lifter Sara Schiff laid claim to the heaviest raw deadlift ever by a woman — 287 kilograms (632 pounds).


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What makes Lehew’s feat all the more impressive is the fact that this is his second showing ever at 82.5 kilograms. He primarily competed in the 75-kilogram division over the course of his 11-year career in powerlifting.

Going into this meet, Lehew had previous bests of a 285 kilogram squat, a 205-kilogram bench press, and a deadlift of 333 kilograms. So he improved his personal bests considerably on all three lifts. Lehew doesn’t just compete raw. According to Open Powerlifting, he has also lifted in single-ply equipment in his career. His best marks are a squat of 305 kilograms, a bench press of 225 kilograms, and a 315-kilogram deadlift. 

If Lehew wants to push the records or try to claim more of them, it could happen this fall. He is currently on the roster to compete in “The Showdown,” set to take place in North Kansas, MO, on September 24-25, 2021. 

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