Powerlifter Kristy Hawkins (75KG) Scorches 280-Kilogram Raw Deadlift in Training — 14.5KG Over World Record

The race to set a new raw deadlift world record in the 75-kilogram class is on.

What a week it has been for 75-kilogram deadlifters. On Sept. 9, 2021, the current deadlift world record holder in that weight class, Brianny Terry, blitzed past her current raw deadlift world record by two kilograms. She pulled 267.5 kilograms (589.7 pounds) without knee sleeves using a mixed grip in a sumo stance.

On Sept. 11, 2021, Kristy Hawkins — the owner of the second heaviest ever deadlift in the 75-kilogram class, according to Open Powerlifting — strapped on her lifting shoes and pulled 280 kilograms (617.3 pounds) in a conventional stance. That is 14.5 kilograms (32 pounds) more than Terry’s current world record and 15 kilograms (33.1 pounds) more than Hawkins’ competition-best deadlift to date. Check out Hawkins lift below, courtesy of her Instagram page:


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Hawkins did plenty of work in the gym during her training session leading up to that deadlift. If you scroll to the left of her social post, there is also a video of her locking out a “warm-up” lift of 265 kilograms (584.2 pounds) — only half a kilogram under Terry’s current world record. Additionally, Hawkins filmed some of her accessory work, such as single-arm rows with a 150-pound dumbbell for sets of 10 and Romanian deadlifts with 425 pounds on the barbell. Although unfilmed, she also performed chest-supported rows and lat pulldowns.

Hawkins told BarBend her body weight at the time of this deadlift was 173 pounds, meaning it was 3.6 times her competition bodyweight. The comments of her Instagram post were filled with praise from big names in the space, including Ed Coan — “That was great!” — and Cailer Woolam — “You’re amazing.”

Deadlift Record — 75-Kilogram Class

According to Open Powerlifting, here are the current top three deadlifts in the 75-kilogram category:

  1. Brianny Terry — 265.5 kilograms (585.3 pounds)
  2. Kristy Hawkins — 265 kilograms (584.2 pounds)
  3. Hunter Henderson — 252.5 kilograms (556.7 pounds)

At 75-kilograms, the 41-year-old Hawkins currently holds every raw world record except the deadlift. She scored three records en route to a gold-medal finish at the 2020 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Only The Strong Powerlifting Championships in Kansas City, MO. Here are Hawkins’ current raw world records, all scored at that event:

Kristy Hawkins — 75 Kilograms

  • Squat — 260 kilograms (573.2 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 155 kilograms (341.7 pounds)
  • Total — 680 kilograms (1,499.1 pounds)

Both Hawkins and Terry will compete next at the 2021 WRPF Showdown on Sept. 26, 2021. Although it is not certain if either will call for a world record weight on the barbell, Hawkins confirmed to BarBend that she intends to improve upon her world record total.

Two of the top lifters at 75-kilograms deadlifted over the world record in training in the same week. It seems that the race to change the record books is on.

Feature image: @kristy_hawkins on Instagram