Watch Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Deadlift a 370kg/815lb Double PR

Woolam locked in a hook grip to pull this massive double.

Since he began competing in the open division in December 2016, 24-year-old Cailer Woolam has competed in the -90kg, -100kg, and -110kg weight classes, and has performed many impressive lifts. From the time he set the all-time world record deadlift of 420.5kg/927lb at the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Boss of Bosses IV, to the time he set it again with his 432.5kg/953lb deadlift this past November at Southern Powerlifting Federation (SPF) 2019 Slingshot Record Breakers, to the time he deadlifted 440kg/970lb in training less than a month later.

For someone with a resume this stacked, it would be fair to assume that when a new personal best is achieved, it would be a big deal. But for Woolam, it is only a slightly big deal.

Check out his 370kg/815lb conventional deadlift double PR that he shared in a post on his Instagram page:

This particular lift was reposted to King of the Lifts’ Instagram page as well where follower Andrew Hughbanks commented:

“Didn’t count. Dude’s clearly not human.”

Although many people thought this PR was a big deal, Woolam downplayed it in the caption writing:

“Technically this is a PR cause I’ve never doubled this conventional before. Not that I’ve never been capable of this in the past, I’ve just never actually done it. So thats slightly exciting.”

This begs the question: what other huge PR’s is Woolam capable of but has not done yet?

A few days later, Woolam pulled that same 370kg/815lb off five inch blocks for a triple and paired it with a 410kg/903lb single. See those lifts below also from his Instagram page:

“Idk what the deal was. But these all felt almost easy today.”

Woolam’s current conventional deadlift PR is 390kg/860lb. And if those lifts off the blocks are feeling easy, we are excited to see what PR Woolam decides to lift next.

Feature image from Cailer Woolam’s Instagram page: @doctor.deadlift