Strongwoman Melissa Peacock Deadlifts 550-Pound Beltless PR

The U82KG 2020 Arnold Strongwoman Classic champion welcomes the holiday season with a huge pull.

The 2020 Arnold Strongwoman Classic champion in the U82KG class gave herself a pretty nice gift for the holidays. On Dec. 21, 2021, Melissa Peacock of Canada took to her Instagram page to share a video of a 249.5-kilogram (550-pound) deadlift personal record. The lift was performed with lifting straps but without the use of knee sleeves, lifting shoes, or a belt.

Check out the video below, wherein Peacock uses a mixed grip and pulls in a conventional stance. According to her caption, her PR came after a 240.4-kilogram (530-pound) deadlift:


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Peacock’s deadlift PR caps off her stellar 2021 season. The Canadian posted a bronze medal finish at the inaugural strongwoman event at the 2021 World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) contest. Peacock holds the current Canadian log lift record of 113 kilograms (250 pounds), scored at the record breaker event at the 2021 Clash on the Coast.

Additionally, Peacock set the strongwomen axle clean & press world record of 124.7 kilograms (275 pounds) after battling against Cori Butler at that same contest in a matchup that saw them both break the world record twice — 120.7 kilograms (266 pounds) and 122.9 kilograms (271 pounds).

Annabelle Chapman later advanced the world record twice. She initially broke it with a successful 126.6-kilogram (279.1- pound) lift and then again on her subsequent attempt to the current record of 131.7 kilograms (290.3 pounds) at the Tamworth’s Strongest Man contest on May 23, 2021.


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The 2021 Arnold Strongman Classic and all the weight class competitions coincided with it were canceled in 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the dates for the contest in 2022 have been confirmed for March 3-6 in Columbus, OH. As there was no contest in 2021, Peacock remains the defending champion in the U82KG class for claiming the title in 2020. Judging from her recent deadlift PR, she can likely retain the crown barring any mistakes come competition day.

Featured image: @melissa_peacock on Instagram