U105KG Strongman Nicolas Cambi Claims Victory at the 2021 Clash on the Coast

Men's and women's records fell, and Cambi walked away $10,000 richer.

On April 30 through May 2, 2021, in Hilton Head Island, SC, the under 105-kilogram strongman contest “Clash on the Coast” saw top athletes in the division battle in a keg toss, a farmer’s carry into duck walk, a loading medley, a sandbag into chain drag, circus dumbbell, and more. Additionally, World Strongest Man (WSM) competitor Bobby Thompson was in attendance and successfully hit a new American log lift record. He surpassed Rob Kearney‘s previous record of 215.8 kilograms (475.8 pounds) with a 217.5-kilogram (478.5-pound) lift. Kearney, who recently recovered from a triceps injury, was there to see his record fall as the judge for that specific event.

Clash on the Coast Final Standings

Here were the podium finishers after three days of competition:

  1. Nicolas Cambi — $10,000
  2. Richard Moczygemba — $3,000
  3. Tommy Sharp — $1,500

Two-time U105-kilogram WSM Anthony Fuhrman organized the event, and 2019 WSM champion Martins Licis and WSM competitor Nick Best served as the head judges. Although there were Open division strongmen and Middleweight division strongwomen present at the event to attempt records, the U105-kilogram strongman contest was the only complete competition at Clash on the Coast.


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Day One

Here are all of the events that took place during day one:

  • Log/Block/Inch Dumbbell for Reps
  • Duck Walk/Farmer’s Carry
  • Sandbag Carry and Chain Drag

The contest was designed for each heat to perform different events simultaneously to keep the action constant and the event efficient. For example, while one heat was competing in the chain and drag, another was performing the farmer’s carry and duck walk — cheekily nicknamed the “duck farm” event — and so on. Both competition days were live-streamed on CoreSports.world and recorded and posted to Licis’s YouTube channel. Check out day one below, which features Thompson’s new American log lift record at 1:20:06:


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Day Two — Middleweight Women’s Log Lift Record

Here are all of the events that took place during day one:

  • Keg Toss
  • Axle Squat
  • Odd Object Loading Medley

The second day of competition also had its share of record attempts. The Women’s Middleweight (-180 pounds) log press world record was up for grabs. The record coming into the event was 113 kilograms (250 pounds). The opening lift for Melissa Peacock was successful in matching the world record and set a new Canadian record. Nadia Stowers attempted to open at the same weight and was successful. Both women’s second attempts were 117.9 kilograms (260 pounds). Peacock was unable to secure that weight, but Stowers managed to press through and lock it out for a new world record.

You can check out Stowers world record lift at 5:26 in the video below. She made a third attempt of 122-kilograms (270 pounds) but missed. The video also features day two of the competition. The events moved onto the beach itself — increasing the difficulty as the strongmen had to navigate moving heavy objects on the sand for the loading medley and keg toss. Additionally, each strongman attempted max reps of 272.2-kilogram (600-pound) squats without lifting suits.


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Day Three — Clash on the Coast Finals

Here are all of the events that took place during day three:

Most of the strongmen struggled on the events that involved extremely heavy-weighted objects, particularly the car deadlift, the 600-pound squats, and the Trump Stones — which are functionally Atlas Stones but for a single max weight lifted over a bar rather than a series of stones loaded onto platforms for time. None of the strongmen could lift the 226.8-kilogram (500-pound) stone nor the 210.9-kilogram (465-pound) stone. Cambi, Andrew Huck, and Isaac Maze were the only strongmen in the field able to lift the 193-kilogram (426-pound) over the bar. Maze was able to do it twice.

New Records

A series of world and national records were attempted and secured in three different divisions.

Men’s Open

Thompson is one of 25 men competing at the 2021 World’s Strongest Man and heads into that contest riding a new American log press record. He performed the lift in front of the previous record-holder Rob Kearney, who, in addition to acting as the announcer for the Clash on the Coast, judged the lift. 

Bobby Thompson

  • Log Press — 217.5 kilograms (478.5 pounds) — American Record

Women’s Middleweight — Block Press, Axle Press & Log Press

Stowers was back to shoot for another Women’s Middleweight record, this time in the block press. The record coming into the event was 88.5 kilograms (195 pounds). Stowers opened at 90.7 kilograms (200 pounds) and hit it for a new world record. She made another successful attempt at 97.5 kilograms (215 pounds) to advance the world record again.

Peacock returned to attempt a new axle press world record of 113.4 kilograms (250 pounds) and did so using a split jerk. It didn’t stand for very long as Cori Butler upped the weight to 121 kilograms (267 pounds) and cleanly locked it out. Peacock matched that weight on her following attempt. Butler attempted a 122.9-kilogram (271-pound) press and nailed it. Peacock, again, matched it. The epic battle between the two strongwomen continued until Butler failed to press 124.7 kilograms (275 pounds), but Peacock’s split jerk came through.

Here were all the records set over the weekend in the Women’s Middleweight Division:

Nadia Stowers

  • Log Press — 117.9 kilograms (260 pounds) — World Record
  • Block Press — 97.5 kilograms (215 pounds) — World Record

Melissa Peacock

  • Log Press — 113 kilograms (250 pounds) — Canadian Record
  • Axle Press — 124.7 kilograms (275 pounds) — World Record

U105KG Men’s Division — Axle Press

Here were the weights each strongman attempted. Those who were successful advanced to the next weight:

  1. 136.1 kilograms (300 pounds)
  2. 146.1 kilograms (322 pounds)
  3. 155 kilograms (343 pounds)
  4. 171 kilograms (377 pounds)
  5. 180.1 kilograms (397 pounds)
  6. 189.1 kilograms (417 pounds) — World Record

Nicolas Cambi was the only athlete to successfully perform all six rounds and claim the new world record axle press. Cambi’s world-record press can be seen at 21:35 in the video below.


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The Champ at U105KG

Alongside the prize money, each podium finisher will have their entry fee and travel expenses to their next strongman competition paid for. Additionally, they each received a Superbowl-style ring inscribed with their initials. Cambi was also offered a Tsunami bar for winning first but gave it Moczygemba since he already owns one. 

Fuhrman then raised Cambi’s arm right before he stepped up onto the podium and proclaimed him “the best 105 in the world.”

Feature image: @joesgymsa on Instagram