Author: Cara Brennan

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Injuries in Training: How to Manage Risk

Nobody plans on getting injured, but it is common and sometimes seems inevitable if you are in strength sports for the long haul. Lifting can certainly beat a body up, especially the ultra


Hey, Athletes! Stop Apologizing For Selfies

Self-obsessed. Insecure. Narcissist. I’ve heard these words thrown around with little-to-a lot of venom and disgust to describe someone who “takes too many selfies.” That someone is often female, though not always. Derision


Why Women (and Men) Should Use Deadlifting Straps

“How do I keep my grip from holding back my deadlift? “Just do heavy deadlifts!” “But I can’t hold onto the bar over 85%” “…Do more deadlifts!” Well, no, but sadly I’ve heard


Strongwoman History Made at The Arnold Classic

History was made this weekend at the 2017 Arnold Classic. The first all Pro division of Strongwoman competitors battled it out on Friday and Saturday in Columbus, Ohio at the 3 day expo.


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