Huge Supplements Exterminate Fat Burner Review

Learn what we think sets Huge Supplements Exterminate apart from other fat burners on the market.

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Fat burners are a subset of supplements designed to potentially help push you past sticking points in your fat loss journey or speed up body recomposition. They accomplish this in different ways (like via thermogenesis or appetite suppression), but a fat burner that has quickly become one of our favorites is Huge Supplements Exterminate. It offers a stimulant-free formula that may help attack fat loss from multiple angles. The 10 clinically-dosed ingredients can potentially increase metabolism, fat oxidation, and blood sugar control while keeping inflammation in check.

Exterminate is a great option for those who may want some help with fat burn but don’t want any extra stimulants or caffeine — or those who want a fat burner they can take at any time of day (even overnight). Acquiring a lean physique requires intense dedication and proper planning. The first and most important steps are a dialed-in diet and purposeful training. If you’re not paying attention to those factors, no amount of fat burners will move you closer to your goals. If you’re looking for a robust, stim-free fat burner with transparent labeling though, we think Huge Supplements Exterminate could be for you.

Editor’s Note: This product contains Hordenine HCl, which is a known banned substance for athletes in the NCAA, Service Members, and possibly others, as well. As with any supplement, be sure to read the ingredient label thoroughly before making it part of your supplement regimen.

Main Takeaways

  • This fat burner is stimulant-free, meaning you shouldn’t feel jittery from it, and you can take it any time of the day (or even overnight for potential 24-hour fat burning). 
  • Huge Supplements is transparent with their labeling, so you know exactly what is in each serving and how much of each ingredient you’re ingesting.
  • Each serving is only three capsules. Those who dislike powders or taking a ton of huge tablets (which may be necessary with some other fat burners) will like this serving size and type.
Huge Supplements Exterminate
Huge Supplements Exterminate
Huge Supplements Exterminate

Huge Supplements Exterminate green tea extract, which can potentially increase your metabolism. It also includes naringin and white willow extract, both of which can help with fat loss and weight management. 

Huge Supplements Exterminate Highlights

Huge Supplements Exterminate contains a variety of ingredients, some of which are ones you’ll commonly find in other fat burner supplements, such as green tea leaf extract, which may help with weight loss and blood sugar regulation. You’ll also find capsaicin (chili pepper extract), which may help boost metabolism, and black pepper extract which may help enhance absorption and bioavailability. (1) Exterminate also has unique ingredients, such as white willow bark extract and naringin, both of which may help reduce inflammation

Formulated with 10 clinically-dosed ingredients, this stimulant-free fat burner is designed to help you reach your body weight and physique goals when combined properly with a well-balanced diet and exercise. Each serving consists of only three capsules, which is an easy pill to swallow when compared to some other fat burners on the market that require six large tablets per serving. The main ingredient, green tea leaf extract, is dosed at 600mg and has been shown to aid in increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation — basically, you can potentially burn more calories from stored fat than carbohydrate sources thanks to green tea extract. (2

The other main ingredients are naringin (300mg) and white willow extract (250mg), which may help reduce inflammation. Advantra Z (200mg) can work together with naringin to potentially help increase metabolism without increasing blood pressure or heart rate, as a stimulant might do. (3) One point to be aware of is that salicylate-sensitive people may be allergic to white willow bark extract, so check that out before picking up a bottle of Exterminate.

Who Should Buy Huge Supplements Exterminate

  • Anyone looking to potentially increase their metabolism without the use of stimulants will appreciate this non-stimulant formula. Green tea extract and capsaicin may help improve metabolism.
  • Athletes who are concerned about extra free radicals that can build up when losing fat. This formula contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that may help to clear out extra free radicals that can be released from burning stored fat.
  • Anyone who values a transparent label — all of the ingredients and their exact dosages are listed right on the label here. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy Huge Supplements Exterminate

  • Anyone who prefers a fat burner with stimulants may want to check out another option. 
  • Those who prefer to take their fat burner in powder form may want to look elsewhere since this is only available in capsule form.
  • Athletes who are vegan or vegetarian. These capsules here do contain gelatin.

Price and Buying Options

Exterminate from Huge Supplements comes in at around $49.95 per bottle. Each bottle will give you 30 servings of three capsules each, which works out to about $1.65 per serving. Fat burners can range widely in price and form from $20 for simple caffeine pills to $100 for special formulations. They can also come in powders, capsules, or tablets (though this one only comes in capsules). Exterminate is priced right around the middle compared to other fat burners across the market. 

Huge Supplements Exterminate Overall

Though Exterminate is a stim-free fat burner, it still packs a potent array of ingredients, which may help increase the energy you burn, as well as control inflammation. Though many fat burners on the market seem to contain similar ingredients, Exterminate’s formula contains some unique additions (like naringin) that may work together with other ingredients (such as Advantra Z) to potentially increase their effectiveness. 


As we’ve mentioned, this formula is stimulant-free, so you won’t have to worry about jitters or crashing. Plus, without stimulants, you can take this supp for potential overnight fat burning, as well. The blend of 10 clinically-dosed ingredients includes Bioperine (black pepper fruit extract), which may help to improve the absorption and effectiveness of the other ingredients. Below, we dig deeper into this robust list of ingredients.

Green Tea Extract

Exterminate’s first ingredient is green tea leaf extract, which is dosed at 600mg — this is quite high compared to many other fat burner supplements. Green tea leaf is a common ingredient in many fat burners, as it has a ton of research behind it. One study found that fat oxidation was 17 percent higher after ingesting green tea extract than a placebo. (4) Another study found that ingestion of green tea leaf extract resulted in a decrease in body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. (5

There was originally speculation that taking green tea as an extract reduces its effectiveness, but researchers found that green tea extract is as effective as drinking green tea, just without the side effects of caffeine (since the extracting process removes the active compounds from the caffeine molecules in green tea). (6)


The naringin in this formula is dosed at 300mg, which is on par with the normal dosage you’ll see across the market. This ingredient is a natural molecule that can be found in citrus fruits. In Chinese herbal medicine, naringin is used to treat many ailments, such as inflammation, but there weren’t many studies until recently to verify its effectiveness. A review compiled the literature available, which found that naringin may have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help protect against oxidative stress. (7) In this supplement, the purpose of naringin is to potentially reduce inflammation and work as an antioxidant against excess oxidative stress that may occur when dieting. (8)

White Willow Extract

White willow bark extract has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory. (9) Research shows that this ingredient can be effective as an anti-inflammatory agent on par with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.), but with fewer side effects. (9) The main cause for caution is that some people who are salicylate-sensitive may be allergic to the ingredient. (9) Exterminate includes 250mg for a higher than average dosage.

Advantra Z

This ingredient sounds like a machine right out of the Gundam anime, but it is much simpler. Advantra Z, a bitter orange extract, is included in Exterminate for its potential to increase metabolism. It may act similarly to a stimulant, but it shouldn’t raise your heart rate or increase your blood pressure. (10) Essentially, this ingredient can help you burn more energy without the negative side effects of stimulants. (11) You’ll receive 200mg per serving here, which is a fairly typical dose.

Hordenine HCl

This ingredient may help to improve thermogenic effects and increase metabolism, Exterminate contains 100mg of Hordenine HCl. As far as how that compares to other supplements, we can’t really say since not many other supplements contain this ingredient. 

That said, we should mention that it is banned by the Department of Defense and the National Collegiate Athletics Association, so if you are in the military or a drug-tested athlete you may want to steer clear of this product. Hordenine HCl can show up in urine screenings as amphetamine or opioid. (12) The reasoning behind the ban comes down to this: Hordenine HCl is a fairly new ingredient that has not yet been submitted to the FDA for safety review and not enough information is available in the research to establish its safety otherwise. (12)


Tyrosine is thought to have an effect on neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. It’s been shown to help improve mood and weight loss by potentially increasing the receptor density for “feel good” chemicals in the brain. (13) When dieting, it’s important to regulate mood because negative emotions can lead to overeating, which is where tyrosine comes into play. (14) Exterminate contains 150mg per serving, which is on the low end compared to most supplements that contain tyrosine.

Thermo V (Capsaicin and Zingerone)

Thermo V is a trademarked blend of capsaicin, which is an extract found in chilies and red peppers, and zingerone— an extract of ginger. Capsaicin has been researched for its role in increasing fat metabolism, and zingerone has been used in Chinese herbal medicine via heating or cooking ginger for thousands of years. (15) Zingerone has anti-inflammatory properties, and may also help control blood sugar and regulate blood flow. (16) Thermo V is dosed in line with most other supplements at 20mg per serving.

Huperzine A 1%

Huperzine A (HupA) is another compound that has been isolated and borrowed from Chinese herbal medicine. It may have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and offer neuroprotective properties, like improving memory and working as an antioxidant, which is likely why it was included in this formulation. (17) When losing weight and burning fat, extra free radicals that were locked inside of those fat molecules that are being broken down can be released. That’s where the antioxidant properties of HupA come in — they can help clear those out. HupA is dosed at 3mg per serving, which is quite high compared to other supps on the market.


Bioperine is a form of black pepper fruit extract, which is included in many supplements for its potential to help with increasing the absorption and bioavailability of the other ingredients in a supplement. (18) This product contains 3mg per serving, which is lower than most other supplements — usual doses are between five and 10mg.

L-Thyronine (3,5-T2)

The ingredient l-thyronine (also called 3,5-T2) may have a role in maintaining mitochondrial function, reducing oxidative stress, and managing lipid metabolism — all of which are important during a weight loss process. (19) It can potentially do all this through exerting its effects on the thyroid, which is responsible for a host of functions throughout the body and is important in maintaining a healthy weight. (19) Exterminate provides 150mcg per serving, which may be low but dosage depends on bodyweight. Larger individuals may find this amount inadequate while smaller folks may find it’s just right. 

What To Consider Before Buying Huge Supplements Exterminate

There are quite a few considerations to keep in mind when deciding if you want to buy Exterminate. If your diet and exercise routine aren’t in check, then you should focus on putting those in line first. Once you’ve done that, consider what type of fat burner you’re looking for, your price point, and the form of supplement you want. 

Type of Fat Burner

Fat burners, like any other supplement, come in a variety of formulations with focuses on different aspects of losing weight. Some focus on helping you burn more calories by potentially increasing your metabolism with stimulants like caffeine. Others, like Exterminate, take a more dialed-in approach and attack fat loss from multiple avenues, such as potentially increasing metabolism with herbs and possibly boosting fat oxidation. Figuring out which type of fat burner might work best for you should be the first step in deciding which one to purchase. If you’re looking for a stimulant-free fat burner that can help increase fat loss by potentially boosting metabolism and fat oxidation, then Exterminate is the one for you.


Once you’ve selected the type of fat burner for you, narrowing down your pick to those within your budget is the next step. Fat burners range in price from $20 to around $100 depending on ingredients, servings, and oftentimes, brand name. Exterminate comes in right around the sweet spot for many people at $49.95 per bottle with each bottle having 30 servings of three capsules per serving. That works out to roughly $1.65 per day if you take one serving per day.

Powder or Pill

Fat burners come in a variety of forms. Some people prefer a powder that they can mix with water, as you may feel fuller from the liquid than you would a pill. Others prefer the ease and convenience of a capsule they can take with them on the go. Tablets are still common as they may be cheaper or easier to manufacture, but generally, they’re a harder pill to swallow so we advise opting for a capsule if you choose to do a pill. That’s why we are so keen on Exterminate and its easy three-capsule serving size.

Final Word

While it’s true that a healthy diet in a caloric deficit coupled with consistent exercise is always the best combo to lose weight in a healthy way, fat burners may give you the extra push you need to reach your goals. Huge Supplements Exterminate is formulated synergistically with each ingredient seemingly working together to potentially help maximize fat burning and weight loss. If you’re sensitive to stimulants (or simply don’t want them in your fat burner) but still want to potentially increase your metabolism via other thermogenic ingredients — Huge Supplements Exterminate may be the right fat burner for you. 

The 10 clinically-dosed ingredients have research behind them, and if you’re worried about the potency of those ingredients that are included, rest assured that Huge Supplements has your back. All of their products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities that are Good Manufacturing Practices certified. Everything on the label is exactly what’s in the bottle with nothing more or less. If you’ve got your diet and training locked down, then Huge Supplements Exterminate might be just what you need to obtain an extra edge on your physique. 


Is Huge Supplements Exterminate safe to take?

Each ingredient in Exterminate has been clinically researched. We always recommend checking with your health care provider before taking any supplements. The only ingredient that some people may have trouble with is those who are salicylate-sensitive. Those individuals who may be allergic to white willow bark extract and should not take Exterminate. 

How long can I take Huge Supplements Exterminate?

Huge Supplements recommends that you take three capsules per day in the morning with or without food, starting with one capsule and working your way up to assess tolerance. They don’t recommend taking it for more than eight weeks straight with four weeks off in between each regimen.

What if I forget a dose of Huge Supplements Exterminate?

If you forget a dose it’s not a huge deal. Simply resume your normal dosing routine the following day. Do not try to take a double dose to compensate for the missed one as that could be too much of some of the ingredients at once and is not recommended.


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