ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike Review

With a sleek design and an appealing price-point, the Carbon CX is an overall crowd pleaser.

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The ProForm Carbon CX is a solid exercise bike with some noteworthy perks. Along with the free year of iFit, this indoor bike has a tablet holder that swivels 180 degrees, silent magnetic resistance that makes it ideal for home gyms, and an interchangeable seat, so you can customize your ride. What truly makes it a great find is its price tag — ProForm keeps the cost low since most of the technology you need comes from your personal tablet instead of the bike itself. 

There are certainly cheaper exercise bikes on the market that consumers could buy. And on the other end of the market, there are also many high-end studio bikes with added tech that the ProForm Carbon CX simply doesn’t sport. But the Carbon CX rides the middle ground of the bike-spectrum quite well with its appealing price point, and enough add-ons and customizable options to keep things interesting.

Main Takeaways

  • The tablet holder has clamps to secure your device and swivels 180 degrees, so you can stream workouts both on and off the bike.
  • Your purchase comes with a free year of iFit (a $468 value), so you can stream classes as you ride.
  • The silent magnetic resistance keeps this bike running quietly, so you don’t disturb the other members of your household if you’re working out early in the morning or late at night.
ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike
ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike
ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike

The ProForm Carbon CX is a sturdy steel 125-pound build with 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance. In addition to being one of the quietest options on the market, this bike also comes with a free year of iFit and a swiveling tablet holder, so you can stream classes on and off the bike.

ProForm Carbon CX Exercise Bike Highlights

While the ProForm Carbon CX is one of the less expensive options on the market, and still provides a lot of the necessities for a solid at-home session, it doesn’t have a lot of the high-tech features that some high-end indoor bikes have. You can use the tablet holder to stream through your own device, but once your free year of iFit is up, you’ll have to pay $39 per month to keep taking classes on the ProForm Carbon CX. For its price tag, this bike is definitely a great option for those who don’t find advanced features on their fitness equipment absolutely necessary. 

Who Should Buy the ProForm Carbon CX

  • Athletes who like streaming fitness classes on and off the bike. 
  • Users who need a quiet machine for their at-home workouts
  • Anyone who wants a less expensive, yet versatile piece of equipment. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy the ProForm Carbon CX

  • Riders who want a high tech, modernized piece of equipment. 
  • Customers who want to have a large touchscreen display to interact with throughout their workouts.
  • Athletes looking for fans, heart rate monitoring and speakers incorporated into their console. 


The ProForm Carbon CX goes for just $599 — higher-end options can reach into the $2,000 range. You won’t find a lot of the technology on this bike that you will on those higher-end bikes, but you will get a free year of iFit (a $468 value) with your purchase. 

Overall Build and Quality

The ProForm Carbon CX is a high quality bike at a low cost. By keeping the build simple and streamlined, without the advanced technology some other options have, ProForm is able to keep the cost of this machine down, which means consumers save in the end. 

What’s great about this particular model is that you get a free year of iFit classes with your purchase — combine that with a tablet holder and you really don’t need the advanced technology other exercise bikes have built into their consoles. Unfortunately, since the console is so simple, this also means you won’t find any speakers or fans within it. But if those aren’t priorities for you, this is a solid option for anyone on a budget.


A huge perk of buying ProForm equipment is that you get a free year of iFit class streaming with your purchase. And while this bike doesn’t have any pre-programmed workouts within its system, having an iFit membership means you’ll have access to over 16,000 live and on-demand classes to choose from. On top of this feature, you’ll be able to track most of your desired stats and swivel your tablet holder 180 degrees, so you can see them from both the floor and the bike. 

Stats Tracking and Metrics 

On the bike’s small display, you can track speed, time, distance and calories burned. If you connect your bike to iFit, you can track speed, calorie burn, time remaining, cadence, resistance and heart rate through the app. 


There’s a very small display that tracks speed, time, distance, and calories burned. The console is a tablet holder that has clamps and swivels 180 degrees to accommodate iFit workouts. 

Included workouts

There are no programmed workouts on this machine. However, your purchase does come with a free year of iFit, so you will have access to their massive library of live and on-demand classes to choose from.

Workout Apps, Compatibility and Subscription Options

When you buy the ProForm Carbon CX, you’ll get a free year of iFit (a $468 value). The membership gives you access to over 16,000 live and on-demand workout classes that range from cycling to running, strength, stretching, yoga and more. What’s great about this bike is that if you sync iFit through Bluetooth, the bike will automatically change resistance throughout your cycling classes as the instructor calls for it.

Ride Feel and Comfort

The seat on the ProForm Carbon CX is ergonomically padded and comfortable, but if you prefer to use a different seat, it’s interchangeable, as well. The sturdy flywheel provides a steady ride and the bike’s faster gear ratio makes for a natural bike experience.

Heart Rate Monitoring

While there’s no included heart rate monitor, if you have your own, you can connect it to your iFit app and track this stat as you ride.


This bike does not come with fans in the console, so you’ll have to rely on some good AC or a floor fan to keep you cool throughout your workout. 


There aren’t any speakers on the ProForm Carbon CX, so users will have to listen to their workout classes or music through headphones or your tablet’s speakers.

Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet and Phone Holders

This bike has a water bottle holder and a tablet holder that has adjustable clamps to secure your tablet. This machine also comes with a pair of 3-pound hand weights that you can use for cross-training workouts.

Bluetooth and Audio Options

You can connect iFit through Bluetooth and prop up your tablet for a full studio experience at home.

HDMI, USB and Other Inputs

There is no USB port on this bike, so you’ll have to make sure your tablet is fully charged up before your ride.

Product Specs

The ProForm Carbon CX’s solid steel frame makes for a sturdy base and a steady ride. The 125-pound bike may not look like anything particularly special, but it has everything you need for a good sweat. You’ll find 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance, which means this bike is extra quiet and great for early risers and night owls alike. Its seat and handlebars are adjustable and the pedals and saddle are also interchangeable making this a very customizable option. 

Bike Type

This is an upright bike, which means the seat doesn’t have a back for lower back support like recumbent bikes do. 


There are 16 levels of silent magnetic resistance on this bike, so you’ll have plenty of room to increase the intensity of your ride and build some muscle.


There are toe cages on the pedals of the ProForm Carbon CX but if you prefer a different kind of pedal, they are interchangeable.

Seat and Handlebars

The handlebars are adjustable only vertically but the seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The seat is also interchangeable if you have a specific saddle you’d like to use. 


This bike measures 52.5″ x 21.9″ x 51″, which is a little bigger than your average indoor bike. 

Weight Capacity

The ProForm Carbon CX has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is below the average of 300 pounds for an indoor bike. 


This bike has a set of front wheels that make maneuvering it on firm surfaces super easy. In addition, the ProForm Carbon CX has adjustable leveling feet to keep your ride flat on uneven surfaces. 

Electrical Requirements

This bike runs on batteries, so no need to place it near an in-home power outlet in order to ride.


With your purchase, you’ll get a 10-year warranty on the frame, one year on parts and one year on labor.


This bike uses silent magnetic resistance, which means it’s going to be very quiet and great for home use.

Places to Buy

You can buy the ProForm Carbon CX through ProForm.

Company Information

ProForm is owned by Icon Health & Fitness,. In addition to bikes, ProForm makes rowers, treadmills, ellipticals, HIIT trainers, strength equipment and even a fitness mirror. The products all work with iFit to bring the studio experience into your home.

ProForm is a popular brand in the cardio equipment space, particularly because of their compatibility with iFit. When you buy a piece of ProForm equipment, not only does it work with the streaming platform, but ProForm also gives you a one year family membership for free.


Is the ProForm Carbon CX a good bike?

Overall, yes. It’s a high quality build with a steady and quiet ride. It tracks your stats, adjusts to different users’ heights and even comes with a free iFit membership and swiveling tablet holder. It may not have a lot of technology built into its console, but it has everything you need for a good at-home workout — and it’s all at a great price.

Can you take classes on the ProForm Carbon CX?

You can take classes through iFit but not through the bike itself. There aren’t any pre-programmed classes in this machine’s console. The membership is free for your first year, but after that you’ll have to pay $39 per month to continue to use iFit with your bike.

Can you use the ProForm Carbon CX without iFit?

Yes, it works normally as an indoor bike even when you aren’t streaming iFit classes., so you will have to be comfortable with building your own workout to follow or simply pedaling for endurance.