The Plunge vs. Polar Monkeys Cold Plunge

Plunge into this detailed comparison over two of the better cold plunge options available on the market, and decide which one is the right fit for your needs.

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Cold plunging has become a very trendy way to speed up the recovery of sore muscles, with some avid cold plungers attesting to the mental benefits, as well. Now you can certainly hop into a frigid body of water in the winter months or even fill up your bathtub or a trash can with water and ice. However, companies like The Plunge and Polar Monkeys are offering a more luxurious way to go about your cold plunging. If you aren’t familiar with what cold plunging entails, it’s exactly as it sounds — submerging your body into water that is under 59 degrees for around three minutes.

Many people have chosen to ditch the traditional ice bath as it can be a hassle to dump a bunch of ice and water into a tub or trash can, and find the right temperature. Not to mention the waste that ensues from the two — which is something you don’t have to worry about with these two companies. Simply set up your cold plunge and select your desired temperature with the chiller located on the side of each of these. Plus, with each product you also have a filter that, as you may assume, filters out any impurities from your water. While both The Plunge and Polar Monkeys offer a product that is similar in nature, there are a few distinct differences between the two — such as the materials used, the price, and the overall size of the tubs. Follow along to see just how similar and how different these cold plunges really are.

The Plunge Cold Plunge Highlights

The Plunge Cold Plunge is no doubt an investment, as the base model is priced at just under $5,000. If you want a larger model, or perhaps one that features hot water, you could wind up spending around $7,500. All of the models are made from acrylic, but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the base model.

While $4,900 might seem like a lot of money, by the time you factor in all the bags of ice and water usage, it might wind up saving you some money in the long run if you plunge daily. Plus, it’s extremely easy to use, and you’ll always have a designated area to plunge. The set-up process is really simple — just attach your hoses and the pump, then fill it up with your garden hose. 

The Plunge Cold Plunge Chiller
The Plunge Cold Plunge Chiller

The chiller on the side of the tub allows you to set your temperature as cold as 39 degrees, and will keep the water at your desired temperature with the help of the insulated cover. The filter cleans the water every 10 minutes to keep your tub free of any possible bacteria, and since the drain has a hose hookup, you can safely drain your water away from your electrical components. The tub also has a light built into it, so if you like to work out in the evening and want to plunge afterwards, you can add some ambiance to your experience. 

Main Takeaways

  • The chiller on the side of the Plunge Cold Plunge can get as cold as 39 degrees, and the upgraded models can reach up to 100 degrees. 
  • The hose hookup allows you to easily drain the tub away from all your electrical accessories.
  • The filters will filter out any bacteria and small debris from your water every ten minutes to keep your tub clean. 
The Cold Plunge
The Cold Plunge
The Cold Plunge

 This ergonomic tub design sits at 24 inches tall, 67 inches long, and 43 inches wide giving users ample room to lie down and relax in a soak. The Plug-and-Plunge design makes setting up and filling up simple — its water hookup works with a standard garden hose.

Polar Monkeys Cold Plunge Highlights

Polar Monkeys offers a cold plunge that is extremely similar in nature to The Plunge. The chiller on the side of their tubs will also keep your water at your desired temperature, the filter will keep your water clean, and the drain also has a hose hookup to easily drain your water when necessary. However, most of their tubs are available at a lower price tag than the ones from the Plunge, even if you upgrade your model for hot water.

We tested the Brainpod, which is made from fiberglass. They also offer the Portal (their base model), which is made from steel, an inflatable option, and the Star Treatment model, which is made from wood. The Brainpod is listed right around $3,900, which is a really solid deal in our opinion. Similar to The Plunge, all of the Polar Monkeys cold plunges can be transformed into a hot tub for about $200 more. 

Polar Monkeys Brain Pod and Portal
Polar Monkeys Brain Pod and Portal

The optional ozone generator can assist in keeping your water clean, but they do recommend using chlorine or bromine to potentially reduce the chances of bacteria even more. They also recommend you change your water every couple of weeks. While there is no light built into their tubs, you do receive a submersible light with your purchase — and you can even add on the smart plug to set a schedule for your tub to turn on or off with your phone. 

Main Takeaways

  • The chiller on the side of the Polar Monkeys cold plunges gets down to 36 degrees, while the hot and cold versions can reach 100 degrees.
  • Changing your water is made easy thanks to the hose hookup.
  • Polar Monkeys uses a filter in their tubs that is big enough for a pool, ensuring that your tub stays clean with minimal maintenance.
Polar Monkeys Brainpod
Polar Monkeys Brainpod
Polar Monkeys Brainpod

This luxury cold plunge is 5.5 feet long, just under two feet tall, and a little over four feet wide with the plumbing and chiller attached. Polar Monkeys designed the Brainpod out of fiberglass, plus it features water as cold as 36 degrees, and as hot as 103 degrees. 

The Plunge vs. Polar Monkeys Cold Plunge Video Review

Our Reviews Writer, Jake, plunged into both of these cold plunges to test them for himself. Follow along as he walks you through their pros and cons, features, price, and more to help you decide which one may be best for you.

What Are The Big Differences Between The Plunge Cold Plunge And Polar Monkeys Cold Plunge?

While both of these companies offer a product that is similar in nature, there are still some distinct differences. The main ones include the money you will need to spend on one of these plunges, the materials used, and the sizes that are available. 

Materials Used

The Plunge uses an acrylic build for all of their cold plunges, while Polar Monkeys has four different builds for you to choose from. The Portal is made from steel, the Brainpod is made from fiberglass, there is an inflatable option that appears to feature some sort of vinyl build, and the Star Treatment is made from wood. While acrylic may be the most durable, the fiberglass may also be durable enough to stay outside. The chiller featured with the Polar Monkeys tubs is able to be three degrees colder, but we also felt that the steel tub felt colder than the fiberglass overall. 

There’s a Price Difference

Aside from the different materials used, the price you have to pay for these products may be the biggest difference between these two companies. While The Plunge may offer a more durable product made from acrylic, you will be saving about $2,000 with the Portal (their base model) as opposed to the base model from The Plunge. 

The Plunge Cold Plunge

Both of these products are without a doubt investments, but the base model from The Plunge is more expensive than the base model from Polar Monkeys (the Portal), and is listed right around $4,500. It does not feature hot water though — if that’s something you’re interested in, you will need to upgrade to another version of the Plunge.

The Hot & Cold Plunge will run you around $5,500, the Cold Plunge Pro is around $6,000, and the Hot & Cold Plunge Pro is listed right around $6,500. The Pro model features a chiller that is three times the strength of the base model, so you can expect the temperature to drop around eight to 10 degrees per hour, as opposed to 2.5 degrees per hour.

The Plunge Build
The Plunge Build

If you want a bigger model, the XL version may be the one for you. The dimensions of the Pro are 5.5 feet long, two feet tall, and 3.5 feet wide (including the plumbing and chiller), while the XL is about a foot and a half longer, three inches taller, and an inch wider. The cold water only version of the Cold Plunge Pro XL is nearly $7,000 and the Hot & Cold XL is going to cost you around $7,500. 

The models just mentioned are all for home usage, but there are also two commercial models available for purchase. The Commercial Hot & Cold Plunge is around $7,000, the Commercial Plunge Pro XL is listed right at $7,500, and the Commercial Hot & Cold Plunge Pro XL will run you around $8,000. When making your purchase, you can also add on a maintenance package that includes supplies to help keep your water clean. The residential option is an additional $200 or so, and includes six filters, a 16 ounce Baqua Spa Sanitizer, a 32 ounce Baqua Spa Oxidizer, a 16 ounce Alkalinity Up, a 16 ounce pH Down, and 25 testing strips.

There are also two different Commerical Maintenance packages if you decide to purchase one of the Commerical builds. The Hydrogen Peroxide Kit will cost you about $900, while the Chlorine Kit is about $240. The Hydrogren Peroxide Kit features 32-ounce Sirona Sanitizer, a 16-ounce Alkalinity Up, a 16-ounce pH Down, eight gallons of Hydrogen Peroxide, and a Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kit to go along with some test kit refills, while the Chlorine Kit comes stocked with the 16-ounce Alkalinity Up, and 16-ounce pH Down, but you’ll receive a 16-ounce Sirona Replenish, 25 Chlorine Test Strips, and a 16-ounce Spa Clarifier. 

Polar Monkeys Cold Plunge

As we noted, Polar Monkeys offers some of their tubs at a more reasonable price tag than The Plunge. All of their models are still luxurious though, and we wouldn’t consider them “cheap.” Their base model is the Portal, it comes in two different sizes, and four different colors — Silver, White, Black, or with a monkey graphic on the side. The 2’ x 4’ x 2’ silver model is priced at around $2,550, the white and black ones are about $2,750, and if you opt for the monkey graphic, you be spending around $3,300.

The 2’ x 5’ x 2’ silver model will cost you nearly $2,900, the white and black ones are a shade over $3,000, and the monkey graphic will see the price jump to around $3,650. Another thing worth mentioning with the Portal is if you decide you want your plunge to double as a hot tub, you’ll have to pay a little over $200 for the 2’ x 4’ x 2’ models, and about $400 for the 2’ x 5’ x 2’ models.

Polar Monkeys Brainpod Hose Hookup
Polar Monkeys Brainpod Hose Hookup

The Brainpod we have comes in three different color variants — White, Black, and the monkey graphic. The White and Black versions with cold water only will run you around $3,900 while the monkey graphic option is about $4,600. The White and Black models of the Brainpod with hot water will see the price jump to around $4,200 while the monkey version is about $4,900. The inflatable model is great for anyone who is tight on space or travels often. This model with strictly cold water will run you around $4,200 while the hot and cold water version is about $4,400.

The Star Treatment model is the most expensive one available, but is also the most luxurious. It’s made from wood, and all of the components are built into the framework. With this model, you have two different dimensions to choose from — either 28″ x 28″ x 86″ or 2’ x 2’ x 7’. This model is priced right around $13,000 which is the definition of a chunk of change, but installation may be easier, and you can control the temperature settings directly from your phone.

So if money is your main concern when choosing between these two companies, Polar Monkeys is going to be your best bet — specifically the Portal since it can still act as a hot tub for some relaxing evenings before bed. If you’re someone who likes to travel a lot and can’t get enough of cold plunging though, you might want to snag the inflatable model.

Commercial vs. Home Usage

Polar Monkeys only offers a warranty for at-home usage with their products, while The Plunge has models that are specifically made for commercial usage. So if you plan on adding one to a commercial facility, it will make the most sense to go for the commercial model from the Plunge. That’s not to say you couldn’t still use one from Polar Monkeys, but their warranty doesn’t cover that type of usage. 

Size Options

Both of these companies offer a cold plunge that is able to fit the majority of people, even those who are over six feet tall. However, if you are looking for the biggest option available, The Plunge may be the way to go. Their XL model is six feet long, just under three feet wide, and a little over two feet tall. The biggest model from Polar Monkeys is the Star Treatment model which is seven feet long, but is more narrow than the XL Plunge models. 

Which Cold Plunge is the Better Option?

In terms of which one is “better,” that entirely depends on your specific needs and your budget. If you’re looking for a luxury plunge product but still want to save some of your hard-earned money by not buying the most expensive option on the market, then you will definitely want to go with The Portal from Polar Monkeys, especially since it can double as a hot tub. However, if you want a larger option, then the XL model from The Plunge is going to be the one for you, as it’s wider than any of the Polar Monkeys models.

The Plunge Underwater Light
The Plunge Underwater Light

At the end of the day, you need to think about which is the better fit for your current situation. If you have a large budget and want a tub that is acrylic, then The Plunge may be the “best” for you. But if you have a tighter budget, and don’t necessarily care about the material used then the Portal from Polar Monkeys is a solid choice. Either way, you can’t necessarily go wrong with either company — just make sure you weigh your needs first. 

Is There Anything That One of These Cold Plunges Can Do That the Other One Can’t?

Both of these companies have designed a cold plunge that operates in a nearly identical fashion, so they both can do the exact same thing. However, if you want to have your tub also act as a hot tub at a more reasonable price point, then you’ll likely want to go with the base model (Portal) from Polar Monkeys since you will save about $2,000 compared to the cheapest model from The Plunge that features hot water (which is an upgrade from their base model). 

Final Word

These two companies are revolutionizing the cold plunge experience with their ease of use. The chillers eliminate the need for bags of ice, and the filters make it to where you don’t need to drain your water after each use (which can be pretty wasteful). Before deciding on which brand to go with, you want to be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each model available. If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a designated cold plunge, the Portal from Polar Monkeys is likely your best choice since it’s by far the cheapest model available. 

Polar Monkeys Brainpod Filter
Polar Monkeys Brainpod Filter

If you’re working with a pretty large budget, well then like Tony Montana would say, “The world is yours”, and you can choose one of the more expensive options for a more luxurious experience — such as the Star Treatment model from Polar Monkeys, or one of the Pro models from The Plunge. The Star Treatment model can be controlled by your phone, while the Pro models from The Plunge feature a more powerful chiller, so your temperature can change at a faster rate.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either one of these companies since they make cold plunging as easy as possible, and they may enhance your muscle recovery process. Their products are very comparable, so on top of your budget, you might want to factor in what material you want your plunge to be made from and go from there. The acrylic tubs from The Plunge might last you a bit longer, but you’re getting the same features from Polar Monkeys at a discounted price (aside from the Star Treatment model). 


What benefits will I experience from plunging with The Plunge and Polar Monkeys?

Aside from not needing to mess with adding the perfect amount of water and ice to your bathtub or maybe a trash can, cold baths are proven to increase the recovery of sore muscles. Cold plunges may also be extremely beneficial for mental health and could assist you in combating anxiety. Since both companies offer hot water with their models (except for the commercial models from The Plunge), you can also loosen up any stiff muscles or joints before your training sessions, or before bed, since it could lead to improved sleep.

Why is there such a price gap between the Plunge and Polar Monkeys?

We think the gap in pricing with the base models from both companies is likely due to the materials that are used. The acrylic from the Plunge is going to be more durable than the fiberglass and steel from Polar Monkeys — plus, it costs more to manufacture.

Are there any temperature limitations with The Plunge or Polar Monkeys?

Technically no, both companies offer water that is colder than 40 degrees, and up to 100 degrees. Polar Monkeys offers water at 36 degrees compared to the 39 degrees with The Plunge, but that three degree difference might not be that big of a deal for the majority of people.