Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson Sets New Weight Over Bar World Record

Though it’s technically the “Off Season” for many top strongman competitors, World’s Strongest Man podium finisher Hafthor Bjornsson (known to many fans as “The Mountain” on HBO’s Game of Thrones series) is staying plenty busy, entertaining fans and going after new strongman records.

Earlier this weekend, Bjornsson participated in several record attempts at the Loon Mountain Highland Games in New Hampshire.

Most notable was his new weight-over-bar record, which saw the Icelandic athlete toss a 56 pound weight over a bar at a height of 19’9″, four inches higher than his previous record at 19’5″. Bjornsson — who also holds the world record in the keg toss— tends to excel at these types of events, no doubt helped by his strength, explosiveness, and 6’9″ frame.

Check out his toss below:

Watch an even better angle of Bjornsson’s setup and toss here:

But the toss wasn’t Bjornsson’s only record on the day. He also tied Ohio-based athlete Steve Schmidt in setting a new stone press world record at 340 pounds. Both athletes successfully lifted and pressed the stone, but their competition ended there, as the venue did not have heavier stones available.

Check out their back-and-forth below.

Featured image: @macpheenicholas on Instagram