Weightlifter Hampton Morris (61KG) Breaks Own Junior World Record Clean & Jerk With 163KG Lift

Morris is a record machine.

Some athletes are in a league of their own. On Thursday, Oct. 20, 2022, 18-year-old American weightlifter Hampton Morris broke his own Junior World Record in the clean & jerk…again.

Morris, a 61-kilogram competitor, locked out 163 kilograms (359.3 pounds) overhead during his session at the Junior Pan-American Weightlifting Championships in Lima, Peru. This lift advanced the existing record by a single kilogram.

In addition, Morris also set a slew of new benchmarks for himself domestically and in the Pan-American circuit.

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According to his Instagram caption, Morris had what weightlifters regard as a “perfect” performance, meaning he made all six of his competition attempts (three in the snatch, followed by three in the clean & jerk). 

To cap off that flawless victory, Morris notes that he did not receive a single red light on any of his attempts. (Weightlifting attempts are judged by three officials, each of whom may “red light” a lift that they believe violated a technical rule in some way.)

Hampton Morris at the 2022 Junior Pan-American Championships

Morris’s 163-kilo jerk was paired with a 123-kilogram (271.1-pound) snatch, culminating in a 286-kilogram (630.5-pound) Total. 

His performance as a 61-kilogram lifter also earned Morris the following extra accolades in that class:

  • Junior American Record Snatch
  • Junior American Record Clean & Jerk
  • Junior Pan-American Record Clean & Jerk
  • American Record Clean & Jerk
  • Junior Pan-American Record Total
  • Junior American Record Total
  • Senior American Record Total

Weightlifters who compete in sanctioned International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) events are eligible to set both international records and records in their own country.

The same holds true for athletes competing below the Senior age division. At 18, a Junior, Morris is eligible to break records in the older divisions, but the inverse would not be true. 

Hampton Morris Clean & Jerk Progression

While his strength is undeniably impressive, Morris is also taking a shrewd tactical approach to the standing records in his competitive categories. 

Over the last few years, Morris has habitually advanced the Youth and Junior World Record clean & jerks by small but consistent margins:

Morris’s steady climb is backed by a tremendous strength reserve. In the spring of 2022, he jerked 164 kilograms as a 67-kilogram lifter at the USA Weightlifting North American Open Series I event. 

However, even that lift is below his out-of-competition best (known) effort — 170 kilograms, which he publicized from his home gym in February.

Making a Case

It’s relatively common for elite weightlifters to perform a bit better outside of sanctioned competitions. International travel, aggressive weight cuts, and the general stress that accompanies large sporting events can all affect power output on the platform.

However, Morris and his coach are also making smart decisions to advance his position as one of the United States’ best and most consistent weightlifters. 

He’s on the roster for his first Senior World Championships in December when the event kicks off in Bogotá, Colombia. If Morris can keep up the pace, he’ll be one to watch as the clock ticks down toward the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. 

Featured Image: @hamptonmorris on Instagram