4 Benefits of L-Sit Pull-Ups

In an earlier article we discussed the l-sit pull-up in great detail, discussing the distinct challenges they pose to individuals adding them to their workouts. This advanced exercise is a combination of a l-sit and a strict pull-up, both of which are difficult on their own for most athletes. In the below sections we will briefly discuss the l-sit pull-up, ending with a full breakdown of the benefits the l-sit pull-up can offer.

Who Should Do L-Sit Pull-Ups?

I’m a firm believer that nearly everyone, regardless of body size, goal, or experience level should learn to master basic bodyweight and gymnastic movements (such as the plank, push ups, pull ups, dips, holds, handstands, etc). The l-sit pull-up, while advanced, does include many of those foundational exercises, and therefore should be a logical progression of movements still falling within the general body weight and gymnastic movement domains. Why I feel this way you may ask? Take a look below and see for yourself πŸ™‚

L-Sit Pull-Up Exercise Demo

Below is the exercise demo on how to perform the l-sit pull-up, which is a combination movement between the strict pull-up and the l-sit. Regressions can be made based on one’s limitations, such as tuck pull-ups, bent knee pull-ups, and finally, the full blown l-sit pull-up.

L-Sit Pull-Up Progressions

Learning (and teaching) the l-sit pull-up is not an easy feat, and is one that requires a wide array of strengths, skills, and patience. In a recent exercise guide, we discussed in full detail the step-by-step progressions one should follow to master the l-sit pull-up. Please be sure to refer to the linked guide above for the full exercise progression and demo videos.

4 Benefits of L-Sit Pull-Ups

Below are four benefits of the l-sit pull-up below, many of which are inherhent to isometric holds, pull-ups, and bodyweight training as a whole.

Core Strength and Stability

The l-sit movement is a powerful core exercise that demands midline stability and strength from the abdominals and obliques. When combined with a powerful pulling movement, like the pull-up, an individual must lock (brace) their core similar to other loaded movements and control the legs, abs, and upper body isometrically to stay in control and promote focused movement upwards. This increases not only the time spend under tension (see below) but also the overall stress to the muscle tissues.

Body Control and Awareness

The ability to contract and control one’s body in space without losing tension in the core is key to most an gymnastic movements, let alone most athletic moments in life. The l-sit pull-up can help a lifter develop a greater understanding of the body in space to enhance overall movement mind-muscle connections.

Increased Isometric Strength

Gaining strength is not only about lifting pressing, loads from the ground, and/or squatting. While those are very important parts of strength development, they do not target isometric strength qualities without specific modifications. Isometric trainining, such as l-sits and tempo work (easily combined with l-sit pull-ups) can increase strength and force production (at similar angles in which trained) in the core and lats, two very beneficial muscle groups for pulling, squatting, pressing, and moving more weight.

Greater Time Under Tension

Time under tension (TUT) training has been discussed in previous articles, and refers to the amount of time a muscle unit is asked to generate force. This is a variable that has been also shown to increase muscle hypertrophy (size) and can also be used to increase sports performance. For lifters and athletes who rely on force development of the core, lats, and arms for prolonged periods of time (such as wrestlers, fighters, gymnasts, etc) the l-sit pull-up could be a good option to develop muscular strength, size, and sports specific performance.

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