Rogue Echo Air Bike Review

This exercise bike can help you burn extra calories, and tone your arms along the way.

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If you are looking for a way to increase your cardio endurance and burn extra calories, The Rogue Echo Air Bike is a great option worth considering. Known as a “calorie bike” for its ability to help you torch calories, this bike offers a low-impact workout that includes an upper body workout thanks to its moving arms. This bike even includes foot pegs that provide a place to rest your feet if you want to operate the bike with just your arms.

While the Rogue Echo Air Bike’s LCD might not be fancy, it still allows you to select from a wide range of modes, including intervals, distance, calories, and heart rate tracking. The Rogue Echo Air Bike is priced right around $895, which is about average compared to similar air bikes on the market — but the heavy-duty steel used to forge this product makes it sturdier than most. If you’re looking for a calorie bike that offers a low-impact workout, tracks your stats, and is durable enough to last you years, the Rogue Echo Air Bike may be a great addition to your home gym.

Main Takeaways

  • The 6.375” x 3.375” LCD monitor offers a clear display that allows you to track your workouts and the number of calories you are burning.
  • The bike seat adjusts up, down, forward and backward, so you can find your most comfortable position.
  • The pegs on each side of the fan allow you to power the bike with only your arms for a dedicated upper-body workout.
Rogue Echo Air Bike
Rogue Echo Air Bike
Rogue Echo Air Bike

This bike offers a low impact workout that includes upper body work as well thanks to its moving arms. The Rogue Echo Air Bike’s LCD display allows you to select from modes like intervals, targeting time, distance, calories, and heart rate tracking.

Rogue Echo Air Bike Highlights

The movable arms on this bike can help you work harder than a typical exercise bike would, providing both upper and lower body work. The lowest seat setting is just under three feet from the ground, while the tallest setting is three and a half feet from the ground. Weighing in at 127 pounds, the Echo Bike is sturdy enough not to wobble in use, and the reinforced steel provides the balance needed to eliminate swaying.

On top of this, the Rogue Echo is relatively quiet compared to competitor air bikes. The fan is driven by a high-quality reinforced rubber belt that is similar to what you’d find in your car, ensuring it can handle all of your workouts. It’s important to note though that this bike is not compatible with your phone and does not offer any leaderboard capabilities, meaning the only stats visible are from your current workout.

Who Should Buy the Rogue Echo Air Bike

  • Anyone looking for a high-intensity cardio workout that can work both their upper and lower body. 
  • Athletes who want to track their stats — like heart rate and calories burned — throughout their workout will appreciate the LCD display here. 
  • Folks who want an air bike that is built to last and likely won’t need much maintenance thanks to its belt-driven technology and durable steel build.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Echo Air Bike

  • Those who don’t like the air that blows on you when riding this bike will want to check out some more standard options. 
  • The frame on this bike is larger than most, which may make the moving arms difficult to operate for shorter people.
  • Folks who are looking for an exercise bike that features a monitor to stream their cardio workouts will want to look elsewhere.  


You can find the Rogue Echo Air Bike for about $980 including shipping. Some may find this to be a steep price tag since it does not have a whole lot of included features, but the high-quality build and the intense workouts might make it worth the money. When checking out, you have the option of adding a wind guard, phone holder, water bottle cage, and turf tire kit to upgrade your bike a little. If you were to add all four options, the price would increase to around $2,100, including shipping and taxes. 

Overall Build and Quality

At 127 pounds, the Rogue Echo Air Bike gives you a solid foundation for even the strongest of bursts, while still allowing portability with its one-inch polyurethane front wheels. Since this is in fact a fan bike, it might be too noisy for some, but because it’s belt-driven, it provides a ride that feels nearly as smooth as a real bike. The moving arms may be the only cause for concern when it comes to maintenance — but as long as you provide your bike with the proper care (like wiping up stray sweat beads post-workout), you can expect to have this piece of equipment for many years. Even though there isn’t a large monitor to stream your cardio workouts, the LCD display does track your intervals, distance traveled, calories burned, and heart rate


While the Rogue Echo Air Bike may not have a lot of high-tech features, it definitely isn’t lacking anything when it comes to providing an effective workout. The movable arms can help increase your cardio capacity, and provide a solid upper body workout. The LCD display allows you to track the number of calories you burn each workout, as well as your heart rate, distance, and intervals. Rogue offers add-ons, as well, for an additional cost — these include a wind guard, turf tire and handle kit, and holders for both your phone and water bottle.


The Rogue Echo Air Bike features a small 6.375” x 6.375” LCD display that keeps track of your workout and allows you to easily select the type of interval workout you want to try. 

Stat Tracking

You can track your speed, time, and distance throughout each cardio workout, as well as your calories burned, heart rate, and intervals if you are following a programmed workout. 

Included Workouts

This bike features interval workouts including 20/10, and 10/20. Or you can create a custom work/rest interval if you’re interested in doing your own programming. 


Unfortunately, this bike does not include speakers. You will need to have your own headphones or a speaker on the floor if you want to listen to music while working out


This bike does not feature console fans, the only breeze you will feel will be that from the fan on the front of the bike — which will likely be enough to cool you off while working out.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Rogue Echo Air Bike does offer heart rate tracking; however, a monitor is not included with the bike. Rogue does offer the option to purchase compatible external heart rate monitors if you want this stat to show up on your LCD display.

HDMI, USB and Other Inputs

This bike does not feature any inputs, meaning you don’t have the ability to plug in any devices to it.

Bluetooth and Audio Options

This bike does not feature Bluetooth capabilities. You’ll have to use separate headphones or speakers to listen to any audio during your cardio session.


There aren’t any built-in storage units on this bike. However, you do have the option to add both a water bottle and phone holder for an additional charge. The turf tire and handle kit is also an awesome addition for those who are looking to move their bike outdoors, and the easy-grip handle makes this task painless.

You also have the ability to add a wind guard to prevent any unwanted wind from hitting your legs. If you have a pair of cycling cleats that are more comfortable or that you want to break in, you can also swap out the metal pedals for clip-in pedals, which can make biking more efficient by offering more stability and comfort.

Product Specs

Weighing a hefty 127 pounds, the Rogue Echo Air Bike is forged from heavy-duty steel, creating a stronger and sturdier bike than some of its competition. The adjustable padded seat is able to lock into eight different height settings, and five front-to-back settings. The handles on the arms are 1.5” in diameter and are welded, which creates even more rigidity. A feature that makes the Rogue Echo stand out is that it uses wind for resistance, which increases as you pedal harder.


This is an air bike, or “calorie bike.” The Rogue Echo Air Bike features both wind resistance that increases as you pedal, and movable arms that offer tough upper body work, which can lead to increased calorie burn during each session.

Bike Fan

Rogue Fitness took a unique approach to their fan blades. The Echo Air Bike uses fan blades that are made of thin steel, powder coated, and welded to the central hub located inside the fan cage. Since the belt is made from reinforced rubber, the only noise you will hear from this piece of equipment is the wind produced by the fan blades. That still might be an annoyance for anyone with roommates though. If you think this is going to be a problem for you, we suggest checking out some more typical indoor bike options. 


This is a relatively large bike that measures 58.8” x 29.8” x 52.75, which is a little bigger than your average exercise bike. Due to the size of this product, you may not be able to find adequate space if you live in a small apartment.

Weight Capacity

The Rogue Echo Air Bike can support up to 350 pounds, which is about standard when compared to the rest of the market. Though some bikes can support up to 400 pounds.

Seat and Handlebars

While the handlebars are not able to be adjusted, the padded seat does feature eight different height settings and five front-to-back settings that allow you to find your comfort zone without compromising your workout. The Echo Air Bike also features an oversized bike seat that offers plenty of cushion and contour for a smooth ride.


Thanks to the one-inch wide polyurethane wheels located at the front of the bike, you are able to roll the Rogue Echo around to the location of your choice with ease. The optional turf tire and handle kit is a great option for those who are wanting to take their bike outside, as well. 

Electrical Requirements

This bike does not require an outlet to be operated. It is powered by movement, but the LCD display does require two AA batteries.


The Rogue Echo Air Bike is covered by a two-year warranty that excludes normal wear and tear on the bike, like that which may occur on the pedals and handlebars.

Places to Buy

You can purchase the Echo Air Bike through Rogue Fitness or Amazon Marketplace.

Company Information

Rogue Fitness is one of the leading manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment. Founded in 2006, the company has grown to over 1,400 team members worldwide. Any unused item can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery. All items must include the original packaging, and any item that is used or damaged may not be accepted. You can visit Rogue’s website to learn more about their policies, or call them directly at (614) 358- 6190.

Final Word

The Rogue Echo Air Bike is a popular option when it comes to stationary bikes, and for good reason. This bike features a competitive price tag and offers upper body work that more generic exercise bikes do not. If you are interested in HIIT workouts, this is a great option due to the interval modes that are programmed into the LCD console. However, if you’re looking for a bike that offers streaming capabilities, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Since the resistance is based on air and increases as you pedal harder, though, we’re confident you won’t be bored during your workouts. Made from high-quality steel, this product is built to last so long as you take the time to clean it after sweaty sessions. If you’re looking for an exercise bike that offers a full-body burn, stat tracking, and a high-quality steel build, the Rogue Echo Air Bike may be the last exercise bike purchase you’ll need to make for many years. 


Is my phone compatible with the Rogue Echo Air Bike?

Unfortunately, this bike is not compatible with cell phones. It does track each individual workout on its LCD display, and you can purchase a compatible heart rate monitor to track heart rate variability though. But if you’re wanting a bike that syncs with your phone, you may want to look elsewhere.

What muscles can you work on the Rogue Echo Air Bike?

With the Rogue Echo, you are able to achieve a full-body workout thanks to the moving arms. You can expect to feel the burn in your quads, calves and hamstrings, as well as your upper body.

Is the Rogue Echo Bike good for weight loss?

Even though the key to losing weight is being in a calorie deficit, the movable arms on this bike can help you burn more calories than a standard bike can.