TrueForm Runner Treadmill Review

Level up your cardio workouts with the TrueForm Runner.

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Not all treadmills are built the same. Some feature touchscreen monitors and automatic adjustments, some stick to the basics, while others — like the TrueForm Runner — feature a curved design and are self-powered. This style allows you to run more naturally on the balls of your feet, reducing the impact on your joints and potentially improving your overall running form. Since it doesn’t feature a motor, you also control the speed by your own movement, whether you’re looking to bust out some sprints or take a light jog.

The TrueForm Runner has a minimalistic approach to the LCD display — it only tracks your pace, speed, distance, and time, so you’ll need a heart rate monitor if you want to keep tabs on your HRV and burned calories. This treadmill weighs 400 pounds and has a 700-pound weight limit for walking and a 450-pound weight limit for running. It’s one of the more expensive treadmills you can add to your home gym, but if you’re an athlete or a dedicated runner, you’ll likely find it worthwhile thanks to the curved design. This unique feature is intended to mimic natural movement and improve your running form.

Main Takeaways 

  • The TrueForm Runner is a self-powered treadmill that responds instantly to your movements.
  • The curved design of this treadmill is meant to improve your running form by encouraging you to run on the balls of your feet.
  • The 450-pound weight limit for running is above average for treadmills.
TrueForm Runner
TrueForm Runner
TrueForm Runner

If you're in need of a treadmill that prioritizes form and core running basics, the TrueForm Runner is the perfect fit. The curved design promotes running on the balls of your feet, which can lead to your form feeling more natural and ergonomically correct.

TrueForm Runner Highlights

The TrueForm Runner was built for devoted runners and athletes looking to perfect their form. The curved design is designed to recruit more activation out of your glutes and hamstrings as you propel the belt forward, and it requires you to run on the balls of your feet. This may lead to a more natural and ergonomically correct running motion. Curved treadmills are also known to burn more calories per cardio session compared to a motorized treadmill, with some reports stating up 44 percent. (1)

With your purchase, you can choose between three textures for your tread. The standard option is a black rubber tread that doesn’t provide a lot of cushioning, but it’s still better than running on pavement and provides some grip. The artificial turf option resembles what you’d find on the gridiron, and there is a track option for those track stars looking to break in their new cleats. It’s worth mentioning that if you wish to upgrade your tread, you’ll have to spend an extra $500 on top of a $6,900 purchase. While this treadmill is pricey and doesn’t have any high-tech features, we still think those looking to focus on their running form will find it worth the money. 

Who Should Buy The TrueForm Runner 

  • Folks looking to improve their running form will enjoy the curved design of the tread.
  • Those searching for a heavy-duty treadmill that’s built to last will enjoy the welded seven-gauge steel build. 
  • Anyone who wants to burn a lot of calories. The TrueForm Runner is designed to burn up to 44 percent more than a motorized treadmill. 

Who Shouldn’t Buy The TrueForm Runner 

  • Those who want a tech-savvy treadmill will want to keep looking as this treadmill is pretty basic outside of the curved tread.
  • Anyone on a tight budget will want to source some cheaper options.
  • Folks who want the ability to run or walk on an incline will want to find an option that offers incline settings. 


The TrueForm Runner features a lofty price tag of about $6,900 and costs $500 to upgrade the texture of the tread. This is one of the more expensive options you could add to your personal space, but it might be worth it for those serious about running, as the curved design is meant to improve your overall form. 

That said, you can find other curved treadmills for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, we can’t speak on the quality of those cheaper options like we can the welded seven-gauge steel frame of this one. You can purchase this treadmill from a few websites, with the option to finance it if you’d rather make monthly payments, so be sure to check that out as well. 

Overall Build and Quality

With a durable seven-gauge steel frame, a 700-pound weight limit for walking, and a 450-pound weight limit for running, the TrueForm Runner is built like a Mack truck. This is pretty impressive since most motorized treadmills feature an average weight limit of about 325 pounds. 

The belt’s material depends on whether you want to upgrade from the rubber to the turf or track options, but it features steel bearings no matter what. Since this is a motorless treadmill, you determine the max speed. So if you’re an athlete looking to reach a new personal record, this might be a perfect fit. 


Aside from the curved running surface, the TrueForm Runner is pretty basic. It doesn’t feature any programmed workouts and only tracks your pace, speed, distance, and time during your workouts. So if you want to keep track of your HRV and burned calories, you’ll have to invest in a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker. While we don’t think you’ll have to worry about its durability (thanks to the steel build), you’ll still receive a 20-year warranty on the frame of this treadmill. 

Speed Range and Control

The TrueForm Runner is a motorless treadmill. Its Responsive Belt Technology is receptive and will mimic your movements, meaning you have complete control of your speed. The faster you run, the faster the belt moves, and vice versa. 

So, if you run towards the front of the platform, you’ll notice the speed increase, running in the middle maintains your current speed, and running towards the back will slow you down. It can be pretty tricky to get the hang of it, but over time it’ll become smooth. 

Incline Range

With no motor, there is also no mechanism to elevate the treadmill for inclines. 

Included Workouts

While this treadmill does not feature programmed workouts, you can subscribe to TrueForm’s online courses to use in conjunction with the Runner. TrueForm’s programs are designed to help improve your performance, regardless of your experience level. 


The TrueForm Runner features a small screen to monitor pace, speed, distance, and time. Its non-intrusive size helps you focus on your runs rather than consistently tracking your metrics front and center. 

Heart Rate Monitoring 

While many treadmills provide some sort of tool for you to monitor your heart rate, this one does not. So if you want to track your heart rate, you must purchase a monitor separately. 


The TrueForm Runner doesn’t feature any built-in fans, so if you find yourself sweating profusely during your cardio sessions, you might want to snag an oscillating fan. 

Bluetooth and Audio Options

This treadmill does not feature any speakers or Bluetooth capabilities. So you’ll have to stick to your trusty earbuds or speaker for some tuneage while running

HDMI, USB, and Other Inputs

Since the TrueForm Runner takes a no-frills approach, there aren’t any USB plug-ins here.

Water Bottle, Cup Holders, Tablet and Phone Holders

Unfortunately, this treadmill has no cup holders or tablet holders. So you’ll have to keep your trusty water bottle on the floor and hydrate after your runs. Those who like to stream workout classes or watch their favorite shows while working out must also get creative. 

Product Specs

The TrueForm Runner is an ideal fit for the dedicated runner looking to improve their running form and for athletes who want to mimic their running patterns in their respective sports. The lack of a power cord allows you to take your workouts outside if desired, and the textured tread provides a solid grip for your feet. Since there isn’t a motor, the belt will respond to your movements, no matter how fast or slow those may be. The 700-pound walking and 450-pound running weight capacities also stand out as it’s well above the average for treadmills. 


The TrueForm Runner is manually operated, meaning the belt moves as you move — and vice versa. 

Running Surface

This treadmill’s belt is a bit narrower than other treadmills on the market. While most treads have about 20 inches wide running surface, the TrueForm Runner’s belt is 17 inches. That’s pretty narrow, but this width should help promote running in a straight line instead of weaving from side to side. 

Weight Capacity

The TrueForm Runner has an impressively high weight capacity. It can withstand up to 700 pounds for walking and 450 pounds for running. 

Folding Options and Dimensions

Due to the design of this treadmill, there aren’t any folding capabilities. So if you’re tight on space, you might want to check out another option so that you can add some more home gym essentials. That said, the TrueForm Runner is pretty compact, with a footprint of 64” x 36” x 63”. So you might be able to make it work. 

Electrical Requirements 

Since this is a self-powered treadmill, there aren’t any electrical requirements to operate the tread, but you will have to recharge the battery for the display occasionally. 

Belt Information

The TrueForm Runner features a curved belt designed to provide a more natural feeling when running. The stock material for the belt is comprised of black rubber that’ll provide some traction. When purchasing, though, you can upgrade your tread to artificial turf or a track-like surface. This benefits those who play football and soccer or run track, as they can use their existing cleats. 


While this treadmill is motorless, it does feature 106 individual bearings supporting the belt underneath. These ball bearings are made of steel and are built for the long haul. They offer minimal friction and guide the belt to roll smoothly as you run.

Cushioning and Feel 

What you feel while running on the TrueForm Runner depends on your tread. If you stick with the standard rubber, you’ll feel a stable but flexible belt. The running track alternative provides more of a spring-like bounce, while users running on the artificial turf will experience what they would on a field that utilizes artificial turf. 


The TrueForm Runner comes stock as Black in color, but if you purchase it from the TrueForm website, you can select White or choose a custom color. 


Forged with two-inch steel tubing, the handrails on this treadmill are solid for whenever you need to grab hold. It’s painted with a textured powder coat to enhance your grip even when your hands are sweaty.

Workout Apps and Compatibility 

Although there are no workout apps specifically made for the TrueForm Runner, that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of the most popular running programs with it. You can still use treadmill-specific apps such as Nike+ Run Club, Apptiv, and Treadmill Trails if you want to track more metrics. 


You’ll get free access to TrueForm’s on-demand channel and its library of over 200 health and fitness videos with your purchase. Trueform’s on-demand channel offers monthly full-body workout guides so that users can have some structure to keep them on track to reach their goals. TrueForm’s video library includes drills, exercises, and nutritional tips so that you can assess your running form and gain some guidance for other fitness goals. 


TrueForm offers a 20-year warranty on the framework of the Runner, but doesn’t disclose any additional information regarding the warranty of the other parts of the treadmill. 

Places to Buy 

You can purchase the TrueForm Runner directly from the TrueForm website or from various fitness websites like Rogue.

Company Information

With a collection of motorless treadmills, TrueForm’s mission is to correct running form, emphasizing the human body’s natural movement. If you need to contact their support team, you can reach them at 860-895-8533.

Final Word

Whether you’re running as a supplement to your strength trainingbuilding endurance for an upcoming marathon, or simply want an upgraded method to run indoors, the TrueForm Runner is a solid option worth considering. The curved running surface is designed to improve your form to run longer, faster, and more efficiently, as it promotes ergonomic running on the balls of your feet. 

While it may not be loaded with a bunch of modern technology, this treadmill’s self-powered belt can really pack a punch and help you burn some calories. It might be out of some people’s price range, and it doesn’t have many modern features you find with motorized treadmills, but we still think the TrueForm Runner would be a solid addition to your home gym due to the durable steel build and its ability to make you a better runner. 


How much does the TrueForm Runner cost?

This treadmill starts at around $6,900, but could be as expensive as $7,400 if you upgrade the tread to the turf or track material. There is no sugarcoating it — this is an expensive purchase, but it may be worth the cost, thanks to its unique design. The curved platform pushes you to run on the balls of your feet and promotes a more natural feel to your cardio sessions, while the welded steel frame creates a durable, long-lasting product.

Does the TrueForm Runner require electricity?

No, this is a self-powered treadmill. The display uses a rechargeable battery, though.

What is the weight capacity of the TrueForm Runner?

This treadmill has an impressive weight capacity of 700 pounds for walking and 450 pounds for running.


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