2021 Rogue Invitational CrossFit Results — Medeiros, Toomey-Orr Take Home Top Spots

The 2021 CrossFit Games winners had to go all-out to earn their Invitational victories.

Update: The 2022 Rogue Invitational is underway. You can follow along the live CrossFit results on BarBend’s live results page.

On Oct. 29-31, 2021, 40 of the greatest CrossFit athletes in the world gathered in Austin, TX, to take part in the 2021 Rogue Invitational. The event, which promised to be one of the most exciting and spectacle-driven competitions in CrossFit, saw newer blood and established legends battle it out across various modalities of fitness.

The CrossFit Individual competition consisted of seven events across three days. Each workout was designed to test the athletes’ strength, grit, and willpower. Below is a full recap of the results, events, and winnings.

2021 Rogue Invitational — Individual Results

The prize money for each participant represents the minimum that they will take home for their efforts. 

Men’s Podium

  1. Justin Medeiros 645 points, $255,213
  2. Patrick Vellner 565 points, $89,028
  3. Jeffrey Adler 525 points, $47,481

Women’s Podium

  1. Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr 625 points, $255,213
  2. Annie Thorisdottir 560 points, $89,028
  3. Gabriela Migała — 490 points, $47,481

On the men’s side, 2021 CrossFit Games Champion Justin Medeiros won the title by finishing no lower than fifth in any of the seven events. This was his first time competing in an Invitational. He bagged the overall win by an 80-point margin ahead of second-place finisher Patrick Vellner. Jeffrey Adler claimed the third and final spot on the podium. 

Five-time Fittest Woman on Earth® Toomey-Orr won her third Rogue Invitational title, but it wasn’t without serious competition. Thorisdottir stayed on the champion’s heels and was even ahead overall going into Sunday. However, Toomey-Orr came through on the final day of the competition to take the championship. Thorisdottir took second place, and Migała finished in third. 


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2021 Rogue Invitational

Below are the athletes who ranked in the top half of each division at the 2021 Rogue Invitational:

Men’s Top 10

  1. Justin Medeiros — 645 points, $255,213
  2. Patrick Vellner — 565 points, $89,028
  3. Jeffrey Adler — 525 points, $47,481
  4. Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson — 480 points, $35,611
  5. Guilherme Malheiros — 465 points, $26,708
  6. Travis Mayer — 445 points, $23,741
  7. Jayson Hopper — 425 points, $20,773
  8. Chandler Smith* — 420 points, $17,806 
  9. Alexandre Caron — 420 points, $11,870
  10. Saxon Panchik — 395 points, $5,935

Note: Smith won the tiebreaker event against Caron to secure eighth place. 

Women’s Top 10

  1. Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr — 625 points, $255,213
  2. Annie Thorisdottir — 560 points, $89,028
  3. Gabriela Migala — 490 points, $47,481
  4. Laura Horvath — 470 points, $35,611
  5. Haley Adams — 455 points, $26,708
  6. Kristin Holte — 440 points, $23,741
  7. Kari Pearce* — 395 points, $20,773
  8. Mal O’Brien — 395 points, $17,806
  9. Emma McQuaid — 385 points, $11,870
  10. Amanda Barnhart — 380 points, $5,935

Note: Pearce won the tiebreaker event against O’Brien to secure seventh place. 

Event 1 — Go Ruck

While wearing a GORUCK pack (30/20):

  • Wheelbarrow pull to Zeus
  • 10 Over-under log on Zeus
  • 5 Rope Climbs
  • 3 Sandbags to hilltop (50/35)
  • 5 Rope Climbs
  • 10 Over-under log on Zeus
  • Wheelbarrow push to finish

The first day of competition kicked off with wheelbarrows and rope climbs along with sandbags. The fastest time determined the winner. Vellner took the men’s win by 25 seconds over Medeiros. Guðmundsson rounded out the top three only two seconds later.

As for the women, Thorisdottir, coming off a third-place performance at the CrossFit Games, started with a big victory. Migała finished as the runner-up, and Toomey-Orr took the bronze spot.

Event 2 — Bella Complex

For max weight:

  • 1 Clean
  • 1 Shoulder to Overhead
  • 1 Front Squat
  • 1 Shoulder to Overhead

The way to win this event was to lift the most weight. Guilherme Malheiros worked up a top attempt of 166.4 kilograms (367 pounds) to take the win. Adler was able to finish the complex with 163.2 kilos (360 pounds) for second place. Medeiros finished with a best weight of 159.6 kilograms (352 pounds).

On the women’s side, Toomey-Orr, famous for her dominance with barbells, won the event by three pounds over Laura Horvath. Amanda Barnhart was able to perform all four movements with 108.8 kilos (240 pounds) to round out the top three.

Event 3 — Echo Burner

For time:

  • 20 Thrusters (115/75)
  • 40/32 Cal Echo Bike
  • 20 Thrusters (115/75)

Saturday featured three events for the competitors. The first was a combination of thrusters and echo bikes. Jayson Hopper completed the tasks in a little over two and a half minutes to take his first event win. Medeiros was the runner-up by three seconds. Uldis Upenieks finished in third place by less than one-tenth of a second over Adler.

Barnhart claimed the win in the women’s field with a time of 2:43.23. She beat Horvath by almost two seconds. Thorisdottir took her second top-three finish of the weekend.

Event 4 — Concept 2

Four rounds for time:

  • 21 Calorie Ski-Erg
  • 21 Med Ball GHD Sit-Ups (14/10)
  • Hill Run

This event tested the competitors’ endurance. The top three on the men’s side were the only athletes to finish everything in under ten minutes. Medeiros took his first win of the weekend with Vellner and Smith finishing in second and third, respectively.

Haley Adams won the women’s contest in a little over 11 minutes. Toomey-Orr, who had finished seventh place in Event 3, came back strong to take second here. Migała finished six seconds after Toomey-Orr for third place.

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Event 5 — The Mule

21-15-9 rep scheme of:

The final Saturday event was The Mule, a classic 21-15-9 rep-scheme workout. Vellner and Medeiros, known for their work capacity, dominated the event. Vellner finished in first, completing all 90 reps in 4:45.47. Medeiros also completed the session in less than five minutes. Third place went to Alex Vigneault.

Thorisdottir earned her second event win by finishing in a little over five and a half minutes. As a result, she finished Day 2 in the overall lead over Toomey-Orr, who finished this event in sixth. Carloyne Prevost and Adams rounded out the top three.

Event 6 — Chipper

For time: 

The first event on Sunday saw Guðmundsson take the victory on the men’s side. He was the only man to finish in less than fifteen minutes. Will Moorad took silver in this event, and Adler grabbed third place.

Kari Pearce, who is competing in her final CrossFit event as an individual athlete, won this event with a time of 14:46.87. It was her first win of the weekend. Toomey-Orr took second place, which allowed her to reclaim the overall lead going into the final event. Kristin Holte came in third place, finishing 14 seconds behind Toomey-Orr.

Event 7 — The Duel

For time (90-second time cap):

  • 60 Heavy Double-Unders
  • 3 Squat Snatches (205/145)
  • 1 Sandbag Load to 48”/44” Platform (250/165)

The Duel was performed in a bracket tournament format, where all competitors participated in heats. Each heat eliminated the slowest times and advanced the high performers until the field was reduced to five women and five men.

The men went first, and the finalists were Medeiros, Malheiros, Saxon Panchik, Travis Mayer, and Samuel Kwant. Malheiros and Kwant moved on to the final. Malheiros seized victory by two-tenths of a second. 


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Toomey-Orr barely hung on to the overall lead against Thorisdottir. The title would come down to whichever athlete placed better in the final event. Thorisdottir struggled with the sandbag and finished fifth in her heat. As a result, she failed to advance. 

The final five athletes were Barnhart, Danielle Brandon, Kristin Holte, Toomey-Orr, and Horvath. Horvath and Toomey-Orr moved on, which clinched the overall victory for Toomey-Orr. She then defeated Horvath in the final showdown.

Going Rogue

The 2021 Rogue Invitational promised fans of CrossFit a show, and it delivered in spades. The top players from the 2021 CrossFit Games showed up and showed out on the field. Another big performance from Toomey-Orr, who has been on a competitive tear in 2021, further cements her as one of the most terrifyingly effective athletes in the sport.

Strong performances from Vellner, Thorisdottir, and more mean that CrossFit isn’t a two-athlete game by any means. It remains to be seen if the individual athletes from the Invitational can unseat the leaders in 2022. 

Featured Images: @rogueinvitational on Instagram