Rongo Keene Wins World’s Strongest Man: Home Edition

The Australian is the first ever champion of the Snapchat competition series!

The competition is complete. The votes are in. The first ever World’s Strongest Man (WSM): Home Edition champion is Rongo “The Warrior” Keene!

The Australian took home the title after beating Nick Best in the final vote tally on Monday, July 13th. The shows host and 2017 WSM champion Eddie Hall announced Keene as the highest vote getter (voting was open until 11:59pm EST on July 12th) and champion. Keene was awarded the $10,000 prize and the bragging rights as the inaugural WSM: Home Edition winner.

In order to see the full final episode which includes the winner announcement and short interviews with both finalists, subscribe to WSM: Home Edition on the Snapchat app via the discover page. Here is the teaser below from WSM’s YouTube channel:

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Over the past eight weeks, strongmen from all over the world competed against each other in feats of strength performed at their homes to garner the votes of the audience over Snapchat, where the episodic competition aired.

Both Keene and Best were featured in two episodes each. Keene rose to the top with his theatrics, creativity, and inclusion of family in his lifts — the man deadlifted a boat with his children in it. Best kept it straightforward, going full on classic strongman with genuinely impressive feats of strength — including a farmer’s carry with 407lb in each hand for 20 meters — to secure his ticket to the final.


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Upon hearing the news that he was the new champion, Keene celebrated with a fist pump before offering his gratitude to all who voted, Best, and the other strongmen who competed.

Best accepted his runner-up finish with grace and gave all credit to Keene for rising to the top of the competition.

Feature image from Rongo Keene’s Instagram page: @the_warrior_rongokeene