Donna Moore Breaks Women’s Atlas Stone Record with 148.9 Kilo Lift

We’ve covered British strength athlete Donna Moore’s feats before, including how she makes 140 kilogram stones look like playthings in training.

Now, the elite strongman competitor has broken the women’s Atlas Stone record in competition, hoisting a 148.9 kilo stone to 112 centimeters. And just for sh!ts and giggles, she did it twice (at the crowd’s urging, of course). It helps when your judge is World’s Strongest Man competitor Graham Hicks, who was one of the loudest supporters in addition to a by-the-books eye.

Video of Moore’s impressive lift(s) below, embedded from her Instagram account:

Moore lifted the stone to the platform twice with a patient, smooth style that gives her plenty of time to reset at the knees. It’s a technique that seems to serve her well, and given the apparent ease with which she lifted nearly 149 kilos of rounded concrete (again, twice, just for fun), we assume she’ll be inching over 150kg in pretty short order.

If you’re not familiar with the metric system, let’s clarify: Donna Moore looks good to lift a 330+ pound stone from the ground to a platform at or slightly above chest height. That takes an insane combination of grip strength, explosiveness, timing, and efficiency, and as the sport of strongman grows — especially in the female categories — we’re excited to see just how heavy competitors can push each other. Because we don’t think we’ve seen anywhere near the upper limit of what these athletes are capable of.

Moore has also been keeping her powerlifting up to snuff and recently posted a 240kg/528lb deadlift, which she implies isn’t even at her all-time max: