Who Does 4-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Expect In the Top Five of the 2022 Mr. Olympia Contest?

Cutler gives insight into who he thinks could pull off big performances at the 2022 Olympia weekend.

Four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler has unique insight into what he believes makes a champion bodybuilder. Cutler shared who he believes will place highly at the 2022 Olympia weekend and why in a vlog posted to his YouTube channel on Aug. 10, 2022.

During his glory days atop the Men’s Open division, Cutler secured his place as one of the all-time greatest bodybuilders in the Men’s Open division alongside the likes of eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. Nowadays, Cutler isn’t interested in having a physique as large as it was in his prime, but he still has his ear to the ground regarding those who do. Check out the full video below, wherein Cutler lays out who he thinks are the top contenders to Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay in Las Vegas:

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Cutler no longer competes in the sport but instead passes his years of knowledge to a new generation of bodybuilders competing while running his supplement company, Cutler Nutrition. At age 49, he still trains consistently to stay healthy and functional in his day-to-day.

New Faces

In a Q&A, Cutler recognized that his opinion was valued regarding those who are likely to compete for the 2022 Mr. Olympia crown:

People want to talk about the Olympia coming up, and they want me to talk about Michael Krizo.

Cutler noticed there are a lot of people qualifying in the last shows of the IFBB Pro season. There are a lot of new faces competing at the highest level, many more than when he was competing.

You see new people popping up every week. This Michael Krizo, who…hasn’t even got his Pro Card yet. I expect him to make a run and possibly be on that stage.

Already qualified for the 2022 Olympia are two-time defending champ “Big Ramy,” 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan, Hunter Labrada, and Nick Walker, who finished first through fifth, respectively, in 2021. Cutler believes those are still the guys to beat in 2022. Cutler has them pegged to run it back as top five unless something changes dramatically.

Will there be any breakthrough guys? We will see. There is a lot of good talent.

Cutler has noticed Nathan De Asha as one of those potential “breakthrough guys.” He believes De Asha is not on many peoples’ radars for a top-tier placing but could be a dark horse in Las Vegas. Charles Griffen could also do some damage based on his performance at the 2022 California State Pro. 

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Cutler’s Expectations For the 2022 Olympia

Cutler expects Walker to potentially have a standout performance after his fifth-place debut at the 2021 Olympia.

I expect Walker to really push this year, I think if he can figure out a little better conditioning, he really could be a big problem.

Choopan and Big Ramy hold their physique updates close to the vest — though Big Ramy has pulled back the curtain a bit more in his 2022 off-season — but Cutler knows that Curry is capable of reclaiming the title. Cutler speculated if Curry could be the first athlete since Cutler to lose the Mr. Olympia title and then win it back. Cutler would love to see that happen.

We love history. As much as we would like to see Ramy win, could Hadi be another shorter bodybuilder like Dexter Jackson to win the Olympia? I am a fan of all of these guys.

Cutler will watch the 2022 Olympia on Dec. 16-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. He intends to make more specific predictions as that contest gets nearer. There are still several pro shows left in the season to fill out the Olympia roster, including the Texas Pro, Yamamata Pro, Evls Prague Pro, Europa Pro, and Big Man Pro.

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