Strongwoman Donna Moore Makes Light Work of 140 kg Stone

When it comes to strongman, the guys usually get most of the publicity. These behemoths (seriously, they are that big) are the ones we grew up seeing on ESPN, lifting stones shaped like continents in some exotic locale. But strongwoman is a growing, exciting sport in its own right, and British athlete Donna Moore likes to remind us of that on her Instagram account.

Here she is lifting a very heavy stone onto a platform that’s probably higher than your max box jump.

Had a totally mint session with Jenny @trapsliketodd at @spartan_performance this afternoon. Deadlifts, front squats, Defecit paused Deadlifts and then a finisher on stones worked up from 80kg to 140kg x1x5 haven’t done 140kg in ages. Needs a bit more huggyness as it dropped a bit on this one. Overall pleased with today. #iloveatlasstones #bigballs @xploape @giantspro @cerberus_strength @playagainnow @maxstrengthgym @rebelstrengthessex @gemmamagnusson @strongas made me good at these 😊 #xplosiveape #XplosiveDonna #giantspro #teamshed #cerberusstrength #powerburn #grownasswomanstrength #pickupheavyshitandrun #strongwoman #strongman #womenwhostrongman #strength #womenwholiftheavy #playagainnow #maxstrengthgym #europesstrongestwoman #lift #britainsstrongestwoman #rebelstrength #teamrebelstrength

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Moore is one of the world’s best strongwomen, and she’s showing it in training with a 308 pound/140 kilogram stone lift. If you’ve ever attempted the stones/atlas stones, this is an impressive lift for anyone that takes a unique combination of grip, raw strength, explosiveness, timing, and technique. Also, confidence — lots and lots of confidence. Bailing with a stone is an entirely different animal than bailing with a precision-machined barbell loaded with bumper plates.

We’ll be following the strongwoman circuit pretty closely this year, and we think it deserves increased coverage — though it’s still an uphill battle for these athletes doing feats just as impressive as their male counterparts. As long as Moore and other strongwomen keep doing ridiculously impressive things, we think there are people out there interested in watching.