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2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open RECAP

Check out all the Open results from IPF Worlds!

The 2019 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships wrapped up over the weekend in Helsingborg, Sweden, and several athletes in the Open categories set new world records. Each weight class brought its own level of excitement.

We’ve broke down each weight class in the men’s and women’s Open categories, and provided scores along with some of the world record lifts that were recorded.

Get ready to see some of these athletes break not just one world record, but two (cough, cough, Taylor Atwood)!

Author’s Note: The bolded lifts and totals below indicate world records in their respective weight classes! 

Women’s IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open Results

Women’s -47kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Heather ConnorS: 132.5kg / BP: 70kg / D: 176kg — Total: 378.5kg
Noemie AllabertS: 137.5kg / BP: 77.5kg / D: 160kg — Total: 375kg
Simone LaiS: 130kg / BP: 72.5kg / D: 150kg — Total: 352.5kg


Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Joy NnamaniS: 152.5kg / BP: 87.5kg / D: 192.5kg — Total: 432.5kg
Marisa IndaS: 137.5kg / BP: 95kg / D: 180kg — Total: 412.5kg
Olga GolubevaS: 145kg / BP: 80kg / D: 170kg — Total: 410kg


Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Maria HteeS: 172.5kg / BP: 102.5kg / D: 197.5kg — Total: 472.5kg
Meghan ScanlonS: 175kg / BP: 115.5kg / D: 177.5kg — Total: 471
Bobbie ButtersS: 172.5kg / BP: 100kg / D: 177.5kg — Total: 450kg


Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Carola GarraS: 185.5 kg / BP: 130kg / D: 187.5kg — Total: 503kg
Samantha CalhounS: 172.5kg / BP:102.5kg / D: 217.5kg — Total: 492.5kg
Prescillia BavoilS: 188kg / BP: 100kg / D: 202.5kg — Total: 490.5kg


Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Kimberly WalfordS: 180kg / BP: 112.5kg / D: 242.5 (M1) — Total: 535.5kg
Jessica BuettnerS: 197.5kg / BP: 97.5kg / D: 237.5kg — Total: 532kg
Isabella von WeissenbergS: 203kg / BP: 102.5kg / D: 222.5kg — Total: 528kg

[Kimberly Walford Wins Her Seventh IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championship!]

World record deadlift and total from Kimberly Walford:


Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Amanda LawrenceS: 243kg / BP: 117.5kg / D: 252.5kg — Total: 613kg
Daniella MeloS: 230kg / BP: 137kg / D: 246kg — Total: 613kg
Ielja StrikS: 200kg / BP: 127.5kg / D: 192kg — Total: 520kg

World record squat, deadlift, and total from Amanda Lawrence:


Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Bonica BrownS: 257.5kg / BP: 147.5kg / D: 235 — Total: 640kg
Brittany SchlaterS: 230kg / BP: 120kg / D: 237kg — Total: 587.5kg
Amelie MiergerS: 230kg / BP: 132.5kg / D: 225kg — Total: 587.5kg

Men’s IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open Results

Men’s -59

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Sergey FedosienkoS: 225.5kg / BP: 167.5kg / D: 245 — Total: 635kg
Franklin LeonS: 220kg / BP: 142.5kg / D: 240kg — Total: 602.5kg
Ayumi HisatsuneS: 195kg / BP: 137.5kg / D: 245kg — Total: 587.5kg

Men’s -66kg 

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Charles OkpokoS: 263kg / BP: 170kg / D: 272.5 — Total: 705.5kg
Tsung-Ting HsiehS: 237.5kg / BP: 175kg / D: 270kg — Total: 682.5kg
Sergey GladkikhS: 250kg / BP: 162.5kg / D: 265kg — Total: 677.5kg

World record squat and total from Charles Okpoko:

Men’s -74kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Taylor AtwoodS: 283kg / BP: 195kg / D: 312.5kg — Total: 790.5
Egil Kjell BakkelundS: 237kg / BP: 182.5kg / D: 312.5kg — Total: 732.5kg
Konstantin DuninS: 250kg / BP: 172.5kg / D: 297.5kg — Total: 720kg

World record squat and total from Taylor Atwood:

Men’s -83kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Russel OrhiiS: 313kg / BP: 195kg / D: 325kg — Total: 833kg
Brett GibbsS: 295kg / BP: 210kg / D: 315kg — Total: 820kg
Fatah ToubalS: 295kg / BP: 185kg / D: 317.5kg — Total: 797.5kg

World record total from Russel Orhii:

Men’s -93kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Anatolii NovopismennyiS: 320kg / BP: 197.5kg / D: 335kg — Total: 852.5kg
Gustav HedlundS: 300kg / BP: 205kg / D: 337.5kg — Total: 814.5kg
David WoolsonS: 290kg / BP: 187.5kg / D: 830kg — Total: 798.71kg

World record total from Anatolii Novopismennyi: 

Men’s -105kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Eli BurksS: 305kg / BP: 195kg / D: 355kg — Total: 855kg
Tuomas HautalaS: 277.5kg / BP: 210kg / D: 352.5kg — Total: 840kg
Ernst GrossS: 327.5kg / BP: 202.5kg / D: 310kg — Total: 840kg

Men’s -120kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Tony CliffeS: 327.5kg / BP: 242.5kg / D: 350kg — Total: 920kg
Erik WillisS: 310kg / BP: 232.5kg / D: 342.5kg — Total: 885kg
Piotr SadowskiS: 320kg / BP: 225.5kg / D: 340kg — Total: 885kg

Men’s 120+kg

Top AthletesLifts and Total 
Jezza UepaS: 407.5kg / BP: 265kg / D: 300 — Total: 972.5kg
Siim RastS: 342.5kg / BP: 257.5kg / D: 340kg — Total: 940kg
Ilyas BoughalemS: 350kg / BP: 290kg / D: 297kg — Total: 937.5kg

World record bench press from Ilyas Boughalem:

Feature image from @t_atwood Instagram page.

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