2022 Classic Physique Olympia Pre-Judging Report

Can Chris Bumstead add to his legacy by winning a fourth consecutive Classic Physique Olympia title?

The 2022 Olympia weekend has already been one for the history books. The Venetian Expo Center in Las Vegas was buzzing in anticipation for the Saturday morning pre-judging contests on Saturday, December 17, 2022. 

The one that had the most attention was Classic Physique, as three-time reigning champion Chris Bumstead fights for a historic fourth Olympia title. Standing in his way was a group of serious challengers, such as two-time Olympia winner Breon Ansley, Terrence Ruffin, and Urs Kalecinski.

The finals for this contest will be held tonight at the Zappos Theater, and we will see who the champion will be for 2022. BarBend will continue to provide updates throughout the day for this and the other divisions, concluding with the Mr. Olympia title.

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2022 Classic Physique Olympia Pre-Judging

The event began with numerical comparisons, and the crowd immediately popped for them. Head judge Steve Weinberger put all the competitors through quarter turns and a couple of poses. Bumstead was in the final group of this phase as the defending titleholder, and the crowd erupted when he stepped into the lineup.

Ansley soaked in one of his final moments in this division — he is expected to move up to the 212 division in 2023. Kalecinski had supporters in the crowd, as did Ramon Rocha Queiroz. Logan Franklin was not present during pre-judging, though it was not announced if he officially withdrew and, if so, why.

The callouts went as follows:

Callout 1 

  • Urs Kalecinski
  • Breon Ansley
  • Fabian Mayr
  • Ramon Rocha Queiroz
  • Chris Bumstead
  • Mike Sommerfeld
  • Terrence Ruffin

Callout 2

  • Adam Bomert
  • Alex Cambronero
  • Michael Daboul
  • Jorge Herrera
  • Chen Kang
  • Kyrylo Khadaliev
  • Jaehun Park
  • Gabriel Zancanelli

Callout 3

  • Darwin Andres Uribe Aristizabel
  • Mehdi Larijani
  • Dancovea Anderson
  • Alexander Westermeier
  • Neil Currey
  • Ali Poladvand
  • Camilo Diaz
  • Patrik Herczik
  • Abdullah Wael Alrabiah

Callout 4 

  • Tommy Clark
  • Junior Javorski
  • Tony Duong
  • Valeri Enchev
  • Georgian Andrei Birica Anghel
  • Anthony Barbera III
  • Josh Eastman
  • Jonathan Pelkey

Callout 5

  • Mohamed Amine Fakhfakh
  • Darren Farrell
  • Woilid Baatout
  • Brady Barnes
  • Jeff Hallenbeck
  • Emanuele Ricotti
  • Abdullah Al Sharafi

Callout 6

  • Lemar Shaw
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Christopher Hunte
  • Blake Course
  • Marcus Perry
  • Valentin Petrov
  • Marco Ruz

Callout 7

  • Robert Wichman
  • Anthony Casado
  • Mateo Vaihu
  • Jesus Rodriguez Sendra
  • Ahmed El Halawani
  • Lenny Wicks
  • Ruben Lopez Reyes
  • Ali Poladvand

Callout 8

  • Alex Cambronero
  • Michael Daboul
  • Terrence Ruffin
  • Wesley Vissers
  • Fabian Mayr

Callout 9

  • Breon Ansley
  • Urs Kalecinski
  • Mike Sommerfeld

Callout 10

  • Ramon Rocha Queiroz
  • Chris Bumstead

Rocha Queiroz and Bumstead were in the center of the first callout, while the other men were switched throughout the round. Weinberger made them hit each pose twice. Rocha Queiroz and Bumstead stood alone in the final callout, signifying that the title will come down to them. Both competitors had vocal support from the audience.

The finals for this contest will be held tonight at the Zappos Theater, where the 2022 Classic Physique Olympia winner will be crowned. BarBend will continue to provide updates throughout the day for this as well as the other divisions, concluding with the Mr. Olympia title itself.

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The 2022 Olympia Schedule

Below is the schedule for the rest of the 2022 Olympia weekend. The divisions below are listed in the same order as they appear on the schedule of mrolympia.com/weekend-schedule.

The start times for each division’s pre-judging and finals have not been announced. The morning and evening sessions on Dec. 17, 2022, start at 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., respectively.

Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022

9:00 a.m. — Pre-Judging

7:00 p.m. — Finals

  • Mr. Olympia
  • Men’s Physique Olympia
  • Bikini Olympia
  • Classic Physique Olympia

BarBend is producing live coverage of the pre-judging and finals for each division.

Featured image: @w_wittmannphoto on Instagram