Alec Smith (Brother of CrossFit Games Champ Ben Smith) Cleans 400 Pounds

They raise kids strong in the Smith family, that’s for sure. While oldest brother Ben Smith is perhaps the most famous of the Smith brothers for winning the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games — and standing on the podium in 2011, 2014, and 2016 — the younger family members are no slouches. Youngest brother Dane is an accomplished athlete in his own right, and middle brother Alec has built a huge social media following based off impressive gymnastic displays and big lifts.

All three Smith brothers have competed at CrossFit Regionals as individual competitors, though only Ben has made it to the Games. To be fair, he’s done exceptionally well there.

Yesterday, Alec — who competes in weightlifting, CrossFit, and GRID — hit a milestone few in fitness achieve: a 400 pound clean, we think at a bodyweight well under 200 pounds. Check out the lift below, done at the family’s CrossFit Krypton gym.

Soo, this happened today 🙈 400LB CLEAN PR!! Couldn’t have done it without the @crossfitkrypton crew. Never thought I would be anywhere near this weight when I started Crossfit. Hard work goes a long way!!

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Alec Smith was originally a gymnast by training, and though his focus seems to have shifted to weightlifting and CrossFit, he can still dazzle with some impressive bodyweight displays.

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Of course, there’s one more Smith family man: dad Chuck Smith hit a 600 pound deadlift earlier this in the CrossFit Games Masters Online Qualifier. So while his children are certainly impressive athletes, we like to think Chuck still reminds the kids who’s the absolute strongest in the household.

Featured image: @alecsmith8 on Instagram