Watch 17 Year-Old Powerlifter Alex Pavlov Squat 675 Pounds

It’s not every day a lifter makes a milestone lift, and when they do, it’s always better to do it surrounded (and spotted) by friends.

And that’s probably what makes Alex Pavlov’s latest squat PR so special, especially since his friend Claudio Rivera was around to capture it all on camera. Pavlov, who has been lifting seriously for less than three years, told Rivera he was going for a new PR squat and asked if his friend — a filmmaker — would be interested in documenting the session.

Rivera jumped at the opportunity, and the result is a short mini-doc about Pavlov’s squat and ambitions in the sport. Rivera actually reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in featuring the lift, which makes for an even better story: Friends supporting friends through their respective passions for strength and film.

Watch it for yourself:

The squat itself is impressive, but watch until the Q & A session at the end, which is a great look into the mindset of a young powerlifter who’s still relatively new in the sport. Pavlov originally found strength training through bodybuilding, and only in early 2017 did he shift his focus primarily to powerlifting. Clearly, the switch has paid off, and when he talks about his goals for next year, you get the sense that a 800 pound back squat really isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

It looks like Pavlov has a promising strength career in front of him, and we’re excited to see what he does next. But it’s also worth taking a moment to give recognition to young filmmakers like Rivera, whose work helps popularize strength sports by adding a human interest perspective and story to every lift.

Featured image: Claudio Rivera on YouTube