Andrea Thompson, Kristin Rhodes Break 600 Pound Deadlift Mark

History was made twice at the Arnold.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article states that Andrea Thompson was the first strongwoman competitor to deadlift 600 pounds in competition; the feat has been performed previously by several competitors. We have amended the article and regret the error. 

The Arnold Sports Festival is famous for seeing barriers of strength be broken and the 2020 edition was no exception. The second day of the Arnold Pro Strongwoman contest started with a Rogue Record Breaker event which was their version of the Elephant Bar Deadlift. As the event was drawing to a close, two competitors were able to break the elusive 600 pound mark (272 kg). This barrier is their equivalent of the 500 kg (1,102 pound) deadlift mark in the world of strongman.

Canada’s Haley Randall broke 601 pounds off the floor but wasn’t able to lock it out. She actually attempted the lift twice but failed both. Second up was Sara Schiff who actually attempted to complete the lift without lifting straps. However, she also missed her attempt.

The historic mark was finally achieved by Kristin Rhodes who bumped the weight up to 616 pounds (279 kg) and successfully completed the lift. The celebration was a lively one but was also short lived. Immediately after the record was set it was broken by Andrea Thompson who moved the weight up to 621 pounds (281 kg). The four-time Britain’s Strongest Woman approached the bar and completed her attempt. She was actually seen saying “yes” as the bar was going up because she knew she would complete the lift. As a result, she not only won the event but earned the $5,000 prize for breaking the record.

In a great sign of sportsmanship and class, Rhodes was the first to approach Thompson and congratulate her for setting the new mark. Thompson now owns the record but the question was immediately asked how long it would last and who would be the person to challenge Thompson’s mark.

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