2020 Arnold Pro Strongwoman Preview

Will Olga repeat or will we see a new champion?

The eyes of the fitness world will be focused on Columbus, Ohio during the first weekend of March for several reasons. Bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strongman are just a few of the strength sports that will be showcased at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival. One event that has only been around since 2017 but is consistently garnering attention is the Arnold Pro Strongwoman contest. The ladies that compete in this event have impressed and inspired athletes and fans alike.

This year’s contest could very well be the most competitive one yet. There are 10 competitors in the field looking to leave the event as the 2020 champion.

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The Favorites Going In

Olga LiaschuckLiaschuck is the reigning champion and if she’s successful at this contest, she will be the first woman to win it twice. Her winning last year is why she was able to be a part of this year’s contest. The native of Ukraine

Jessica Fithen – Fithen could very well be the number one contender to Liaschuck’s title. She is the 2019 Strongest Woman in the World winner and is on a mission. Not only does she want to win the title in Columbus but she also wants to win two Rogue Record Breaker events. She will attempt to set the records in both the monster dumbbell and the log lift. The log lift is its own event and will take place on Sunday, March 8.

Brooke Sousa – Sousa is a former “Strongest Woman in the World” winner (2018) and she has won the “America’s Strongest Woman” title. She has been recently working with coach Matt Wenning so you can be sure she’s leaving no stone unturned and no weight un-lifted.

Andrea Thompson – Thompson has recruited coach Laurence Shahlaei and has been a past four-time Britain’s Strongest Woman winner. So her presence can’t be ignored. If any of the other three ladies have a bad event, she could very well leapfrog them and snag a higher overall placing.

2020 Arnold Pro Strongwoman Competitors (in alphabetical order)

Christina Bangma(USA)
Britteny Cornelius (USA)
Bailey Duschene (Canada)
Jessica Fithen (USA)
Anna Harrjapaa (Sweden)
Olga Liaschuck (Ukraine)
Brooke Sousa (USA)
Jessica Theaker (Canada)
Andrea Thompson (USA)
Danielle Vaji (USA)


Friday, March 6

Rogue Dumbbell Clean and Press
500 Pound Tire Flip
Rogue Yoke Walk and Farmer’s Carry Medley

Saturday, March 7

Tire Deadlift
Last Woman Standing Atlas Stone Over Bar

Featured Image: Instagram/olga_liaschuck_strongwoman