The Top 5 Strongwoman Performances of 2019

The ladies brought it this year. Here are the top moments of the sport.

The sport is known as strongman, but it isn’t a male only sport. Strongwoman competitions have been taking place throughout the world, and the competitors in those events have displayed great feats of strength, too.

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Dear Friends! Thank you all of your support of me and of my team “Common Victory”!! I value your support and your help. It was very long and very difficult way for me to my victory in Arnold Classic Strongwoman Pro 2019. It was hard road but I was stronger than all troubles and obstacles I was facing Also I would like to appreciate to all girls participants Arnold Classic Strongwoman Pro 2019, please accept my sincere congratulations and best wishes! All of you have shown the best performances ever! It was an honor for me to meet you and participate in one contest with you. It was a fair game and I felt your support and help. I hope it was a great experience for all of you! Wish to see you again! I think that now we became a one big strong family! Wish good luck to all! Now I want have some rest, and than… I’ll be back!!! Благодарю нашу команду @avsokolinsky спiльна перемога @volodymyrbulba за неоценимую помощь в подготовке и поездке к соревнованиям. Счастлива что мой тренер @novikov_strong подобрал правильную тактику для моей подготовки и у нас все получилось 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🏆🇺🇦🇺🇸🥇оборудование sigmasub, питание amway,nutrilite @powerpro_ukraine , DuoLife.Спортивная база @sportland_fitness и пожарная часть на Малиновского 6 #arnoldschwarzenegger #arnoldclassic #2019 #strongwomen #olgaliashchuk #спiльнаперемога #sigmasub #центркапралова #amway #nutrilite #duolife #powerpro_ukraine #world #champions

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They don’t get as much attention as their male counterparts, and there are fewer competitors for now, but there is growth taking place and 2020 will be a great year to see even more potential being realized. For now, let’s look back at five performances that stood out in 2019.

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5. Andrea Thompson – Arnold Europe Women

Apparently Andrea Thompson wasn’t getting paid by the hour while competing in Barcelona at the Arnold Europe Strongwoman event. She placed first in the first three events and came in second at the fourth. That meant she was so far ahead on points that she won the contest without participating in the final event. Those three wins were in the Yoke, Frame, and Deadlift contests.

4. Amalie Flowers – Strongest Woman in the Forest

Like Hines, Amalie Flowers was victorious at this contest and was not defeated in any of the five events of the contest. Her day was highlighted with the opening event which was a Max Log Press. She won that contest and never looked back. 

3. Melissa Peacock – Canada’s National Championship

Melissa Peacock faced eight competitors in her division at the Canada’s National Championship. Even with that many opponents, she still won five of the six events to take the championship by 9.5 points. Her only defeat was in the Tire Flip and she still came in third place there.

2. Jessica Fithen – Strongest Woman in the World 2019

Jessica Fithen of Indiana went to Palmer, Alaska, and took on some unique events to earn the title of the Strongest Woman in the World. Fithen’s highlights include winning the Keg Press, Van Push for Time, and was in a three-way tie with 8 reps on the 460 pound Axle Deadlift. The Salmon Toss was after that and featured a 55 pound rubber salmon. Fithen threw over 14 feet to win that event too. 

1. Olga Liaschuck – Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2019

The Arnold Pro Strongwoman is considered by many to be one of the top contests in the sport, and 2019 saw one competitor display dominance in Columbus. Ukraine’s Olga Liaschuck placed in the Top 4 of all five events that took place and won the last three to clinch the championship. Her greatest event was the Husafeldt Stone Carry which featured her carrying the 300 pound stone a total of 289 feet, 10 inches.

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