How to Watch Weightlifting at the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival

Here's everything you need to know about the pretty-big-deal competition.

The Arnold Sports Festival, also just called “The Arnold,” is arguably the biggest event on the strength sports calendar.

The Arnold holds big time competitions for many strength sports, bringing disparate disciplines together, plus there’s a ton of bodybuilding, plus you can typically rely on some other, off-the-books feats of insane strength, like the time two guys deadlifted 600 pounds for an hour straight.

The Arnold Strongman Classic is a big deal, and rivals World’s Strongest Man as the biggest strongman competition of the year.

And there’s also Olympic weightlifting at the Arnold! The 2020 American Open Series 1, also called the Arnold Weightlifting Championships, is a meet sanctioned by USA Weightlifting and where actual national records are able to be made.

In fact, the American Open includes bronze qualifying events for the Tokyo Olympics.

How to Watch the 2020 American Open Series 1

As per usual, the weightlifting for Team USA will be streaming on their website here.

Portions may also be streaming on the Arnold Sports Festival’s YouTube channel here, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Your best bet is to stick to Team USA’s stream.

2020 American Open Series 1 Schedule

You can check out the tentative schedule on Team USA’s website here. It’s not technically final, but at the moment, it looks like there are five Olympic qualifying events:

  • Session 11 on the Rogue platform: Friday, March 6, 10:45 – 12:45pm
  • Session 13 on the Rogue platform: Friday, March 6, 1pm – 3pm
  • Session 20 on the Main platform: Saturday, March 7th, 1pm – 3pm
  • Session 26 on the Main platform: Sunday, March 8, 11am – 1pm
  • Session 28 on the Red platform: Sunday, March 8, 2pm – 4pm

Who’s Competing at the American Open Series 1?

Dozens of athletes are listed on the schedule above, but popular Team USA Athletes competing in the bronze events include:

  • Harrison Maurus (-81kg, Session 20)
  • Wes Kitts (-109kg, Session 20)
  • Caine Wilkes (109+kg, Session 20)
  • CJ Cummings (-73kg, Session 20)
  • Katherine Nye (-76kg, Session 26)
  • Jenny Arthur (-87kg, Session 26)
  • Mattie Rogers (-87kg, Session 26)
  • Meredith Alwine (-71kg, Session 26)
  • Sarah Robles (87+kg, Session 26)

We wish the best of luck to all the athletes.

Featured image via Rogue Fitness on YouTube