Training Inspiration: Azekhumhe Omoh and His Homemade Barbells, Dumbbells, and More

Nigerian bodybuilder Azekhumhe Omoh has been training for around five years, and mostly, he trains on homemade equipment in his yard. Recently, a video of Omoh squatting with a homemade barbell and concrete weight plates started going viral, and we wanted to find out a bit more about this bodybuilder — who’s got great depth on his back squats — making strength training work in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Omoh’s squat post is below, with a description of his workout that day. Sounds like he’s starting off a “squat every day” program!

Ended the 1st week of everyday Legs with some pause set, was unable to hit the everyday Max for higher reps Since the legs were Dead 😷 way beyond repair😰…So we had to switch and pause for a finisher! 😭
100kg 20sec pause 10rep’s 5set’s
130kg 20sec pause 10rep’s 5set’s
150kg 15sec pause 5rep’s 5set’s
160kg 15sec pause 5rep’s 5set’s
180kg 10sec pause 2rep’s 2set’s

Omoh doesn’t have a massive online following (yet), but he’s been inspiring people online for at least a little while. There’s a solid profile of him on Garage Gym Life from this past summer, in which the bodybuilder talks a little about the challenges he and training partners face day to day.

Growing up and surviving in this part of the world is a very, very big challenge with the whole political and economic thing going on, only the rich one’s and the strong one’s like me and my fellow garage gym brothers and sisters all around the world will survive. My biggest challenge is not having money to buy good food to eat. As a fitness person or weight trainer your body needs a lot of good nutrition to help repair the muscle after training, but getting money to buy the necessary food and supplement we need is a very big challenge. Countless times we have trained on empty stomach without food not even a little biscuit. But still God’s grace and the passion for what we love kept seeing us through and helping us push pass each day.

Omoh has made impressive gains by staying consistent in his training and not letting a lack of equipment get in the way of #gainz. That means homemade barbells, dumbbells, weight plates (in pretty precise increments, it seems), and squat racks made out of hubcaps and metal posts.

So, uh, what’s our excuse?

Featured image: @oazekhumhe on Instagram