Bored at Work? Don’t Forget About The CrossFit Games’ Masters and Teens

Look, we’ll square with you: When it comes to The CrossFit Games, the best show is normally the Individuals, followed by the Teams, with Masters and the still-new Teen divisions taking last on the general spectator priority list.

But with that out of the way, we wanted to immediately follow up with another statement: The Masters and Teen divisions are still freaking awesome to watch, and so far, the coverage has been very good.

So while we’re waiting to see exactly what Dave Castro has up his sleeve for Individual and Team competitors between now and Sunday — and he’s implied they need to be ready for a serious beatdown — don’t forget to tune into the sport’s youngest and oldest competitors. 

It’s still great footage, the workouts are still tough, and there are fantastic storylines all around.

For example, can Carey Kepler — who got third as an individual at the 2009 CrossFit Games — make it back to the podium, this time as a Masters athlete? Her division is STACKED with high-level competitors, including Janet Black (who competed as an individual at Regionals this year) and original CrossFit star Annie Sakamoto.

Can South Florida’s Shawn Ramirez make it a three-peat with back-to-back-to-back victories in the Men’s 40-44 age division? He’s had a stranglehold on that group since 2014, but this year includes more competition than ever, including multi-time Games Individual competitor Rob Orlando.

Can “Little Rich Froning” Angelo DiCicco claim victory in the 16-17 age division after taking first in last year’s 14-15? (For context on the nickname, DiCicco trains out of Rich Froning’s gym — CrossFit Mayhem — in Cookeville, TN.) DiCicco is on the younger side of the division, and defending champ Nicholas Paladino looks hungry for a repeat.

So enjoy your lunch break and take some time to watch these incredible athletes battle it out. The entirety of the Teenage and Masters divisions stream live and for free at