Breaking: USA Weightlifting Names Rogue Fitness Official Equipment Manufacturer

Earlier today, USA Weightlifting made a big announcement confirming that Rogue Fitness will be their new official Equipment Manufacturer. Rogue Fitness is now part of a 4-year agreement with USA Weightlifting to collaborate with Team USA members to develop new products.

CEO of USA Weightlifting, Phil Andrews made a few comments in regards to his excitement to partner with Rogue Fitness.

“Rogue makes great products that are very familiar to many of our athletes.”

Andrews also expressed the organization’s excitement to be newly partnered with Rogue.

“USA Weightlifting is proud to call Rogue Fitness our partner and official barbell manufacturer. We thank Rogue for the innovate approach to our partnership.”

The excitement appears to be mutual from both parties. Rogue Fitness owner, Bill Henniger, shared his thoughts in the Team USA release about the newly formed domestic partnership.

“As an American company, we couldn’t be happier that our American-made equipment will be used at the top level of weightlifting in the United States. We’re excited to help equip our home team.”

Currently, Rogue Fitness is working to obtain their International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Certification for equipment. Moving forward, Rogue Fitness will be the provider of IWF-certified barbells in the warm-up and competition areas at USA Weightlifting national events. 

Rogue is based in the U.S. out of Columbus, Ohio and was founded in 2006. They employ more than 500 workers who develop and manufacture strength and conditioning equipment.

According to the announcement, the new domestic partnership goes further than just providing equipment at events; USA Weightlifting and Rogue Fitness will be working together to develop new equipment as well.

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