Brent Fikowski Gives Rare, In-Competition Insight into CrossFit Games Rookie Experience

CrossFit Games rookie Brent Fikowski is certainly one to watch this year, and if his performance at Regionals was any indication, he’s got his mental game dialed in with a crazy toolbox of physical skills.

But our favorite thing about Fikowski isn’t even his elite fitness. If you follow him on social media, you know he appears to be one of the more cerebral athletes in the functional fitness space, and he’s not afraid to give opinions, hot takes, and firsthand accounts of what it’s like to compete in the highest levels of CrossFit competition.

And fortunately for the public, Fikowski isn’t letting a little thing like competing in the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games stop him from bringing those thoughts to us.

In between early morning wake-up calls, surprise flights to San Jose, ridiculous trail runs, and a heavy deadlift ladder, Fikowski somehow found the time to give a stream-of-consciousness account of his first CrossFit Games events. An excerpt of the post — which runs around 500 words — is below.

I was really hot and a bit delirious. It was a tough run in the heat and I went hard. Pretty simple really. Bit of involuntary peeing, dizzy, and just really hot. Did my best to get food and water but couldn’t use my limbs too well haha. Made my way to the medical tent and hopped in the ice bath to cool down. Had some pretty negative thoughts as I was feeling pretty terrible, but before I knew it I kept feeling better.

Does Fikowski have your attention yet? If so, check out his full essay below. It’s a fascinating take on how Games athletes — well, at least one rookie — deals with the elements of surprise and recovery during an incredibly exhausting week.

We’re wishing Fikowski and the rest of this year’s CrossFit Games athletes a safe rest of the week as they work to recover and avoid injuries while battling it out in Carson.

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