Cedric McMillan Wins Muscle Fest Pro in Romania

The Army veteran takes his second consecutive victory.

Bodybuilding fans in Romania got to see a show this past weekend that featured a few Mr. Olympia competitors as well as one of the rising stars in the sport.

The 2019 Romania Muscle Fest Pro took place in Bucharest on November 2nd and 3rd, and the last man standing onstage would be Cedric McMillan. This is the second straight victory for the 2017 Arnold Classic Champion who placed 7th at the Mr. Olympia back in September.

Winner – Cedric McMillan

There is a difference when you see bodybuilders in person as opposed to seeing photos or video. There are different parts of the physique that are highlighted depending on how you are watching the show. In person the physique appears thicker and harder. On photos and video you can sometimes see more definition.

The judges at the show and fans watching were pretty much unanimous that McMillan looked better here than he did at the Olympia. He appeared leaner and the muscles popped more when he flexed. He appeared to be the clear winner.

McMillan was already qualified for the Olympia and the qualification here doesn’t move down to the next best finisher. So the other top five finishers can only earn points in the season scoring here.

2nd Place – Juan Morel

Morel has had a busy year. He has won two shows this year, the Arnold South America and the New York Pro. He finished in 14th at the Olympia which was below his expectations but he has since placed second at the Monsterzym Pro and here. At this show he wasn’t as lean as McMillan which could have been the difference in the results but his muscles were full and he stands out in some poses like the side chest and most muscular.

3rd Place – Regan Grimes

Grimes hasn’t competed since the 2018 Olympia where he was 8th in the Classic Physique division. After that show he decided he would be better in the Open. His biggest issue in the past was his upper body appeared smaller compared to his legs. He has improved the upper body a lot but it wasn’t enough to take the win here. He is a younger competitor compared to the veterans that placed ahead of him so once his physique matures, he could be a threat in any show he enters.

Romania Muscle Fest Pro Top 6

1st – Cedric McMillan

2nd – Juan Morel

3rd – Regan Grimes

4th – Maxx Charles

5th – James Hollingshead

6th – Lukas Osladil

Other Notes

Angel Calderon of Spain won the 212 division contest and earned a qualification to the 212 Olympia as well. Sami Al Haddad finished in 2nd place.

Wesley Vissers of the Netherlands took first place in Classic Physique and the UK’s Andrei Lincan won the Men’s Physique show here.

Women champions of this show were Noora Mahonen in Bikini, Monia Gioiosa in Women’s Bodybuilding, Maryam Bamdad in Figure, and Valentina Mishina in Women’s Physique.

Featured Image: Instagram/mrolympiallc